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April 30, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Betsey Johnson has been planning bankruptcy for months, neon nail polish is illegal and who bought Bill Cunningham's hats?

Betsey Johnson Knew About Layoffs

Following Thursday’s news that the Betsey Johnson brand filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy comes word from Elle that Betsey’s design team was also fired yesterday and sent off into the unemployed world with champagne and cupcakes. But they weren’t the first ones to go; fifteen full-time staffers and freelancers were canned a month and a half back, and “as of two weeks ago we weren’t allowed to spend any money — we couldn’t buy trims, fabric, send out samples to be made domestically or abroad,” a source said.

Neon Nail Polish is Illegal?

Neon polish is actually illegal to produce in the US,” Jan Arnold, co-founder and creative director of CND Colours told MORE. “So if you see a neon shade in the store, it’s imported—or your polish hue is just really bright, not a true neon, making it easier to pull off.”

There is talks that there is a major U.S. cosmetics brand planning on creating the first ever legal neon nail polish. MAC? Revlon? CND themselves? Stay tuned…

Someone Loves Bill Cunningham’s Hats

The anonymous “arts patron and friend of the cycling street-style photographer” purchased the full set of 23 vintage headpieces made by Bill Cunningham under his William J label off of in ten minutes last week for almost $20,000. WWD writes that she hopes to hand them over to a New York City museum . What a treat for everyone that should be!

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Mag;
Photo: WWD

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