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Some examples of Fendi's top "It" bags

Fendi’s Baguette is Back

The ever-so popular “It” baguette is grabbing attention for many reasons. Currently a bidding war has begun for past season’s top bags along with a book launch soon to come by the end of the next month. The 345-page book will show the bag’s history along with limited editions of six of the bag’s most famous versions arriving to Fendi boutiques worldwide, along with in-store events.

The 15-year-old bag has had over 1,000 versions, being shown in everything from fur to crocodile skin. Silvia Venturini, the brains behind the iconic bag, designed it in 1997. Due to the handbag’s birthday and release of the new book, the company is using this as an excuse to restrategize the Fendi name. That only means one thing: more is soon to come.

Brad Pitt: The New Face of Chanel No. 5

The popular designer brand Chanel and it’s 91-year-old fragrance announced that Brad Pitt would become the new face of the famous No. 5. The best-selling perfume has had celebrities from Nicole Kidman to Audrey Tautou, however, this will be the first time the fragrance will bear a man as the front runner.

Despite Pitt’s new deal, this isn’t his first experience in the beauty industry. August of 2008 marked when Pitt hand-wrote part of a bottle label for Kiehl’s, a deal that sold for $1 million which Pitt gave to a charity fund for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Although Chanel did not discuss the terms of the contract, including salary, industry professionals predicted that Pitt’s salary is at least $7 million, however could easily be as high as $10 million a year.

Future Target C9 Store

This fall Target plans on opening a freestanding store for it’s Champion brand, C9. The store, which will be located in San Francisco, will be a 3,000 square-foot store featuring C9’s active apparel. Located in the shopping center will be a CityTarget, which is directly above the specialty store.

Opening October 14th,the store is seen by Target as a chance for the strong brand to be expanded by receiving its own store. Merchandise will include the typical mens’, womens’, boys’, and girls’ athletic wear, along with apparel for toddlers, sports watches, and specialty workout items such as compression fit bras and men’s tech muscle shirts. Currently Target does not plan on opening any other C9 stores.

-Lindsay Grundy

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