Designer Dish. Will Galliano Helm the Schiaparelli Revival?

May 15, 2012 • Designers, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Industry

Is Galliano back in the game?

After remaining under the radar for some time now, John Galliano may be emerging back into the fashion world. But is the fashion world ready?

The fallen head of Dior has been among the whispered names affiliated with the revival of legendary fashion house Schiaparelli, which has been receiving a ton of publicity (hello, Met Ball?) from it’s current Costume Institute exhibit. The relaunch of the label has been taken over by industry titan Diego Della Valle, who bought all of  Schiaparelli’s trademarks and archives back in 2006, and mostly recently. picked French model and filmmaker Farida Khelfa to be the brand’s face and spokesperson.

Della Valle confirmed that the new label will feature  accessories, makeup, and cosmetics, with some clothes as well, and will only produce two collections per year. But as for who will turn Della Valle’s visions into reality? The magnate is keeping mum. Even to world renown fashion journalist Cathy Horyn of the Times: “Asked if he might consider John Galliano, Mr. Della Valle pulled a good poker face. There have been rumors, he said: “One week it’s Galliano, the next it’s someone else.” He expects to hire someone by September. Finding someone with the skill for Schiaparelli is hard enough, but many designers are used to perks and big budgets, and these don’t seem things they will find in a brand trying to create a new experience.”

Yes Galliano’s name seems to keep coming up in the rumor mill. Even W editor Stefeno Tonchi opened up at last week’s Met Gala and publicly announced that he would love to see Galliano back in the biz. “There are a lot of designers that I think would do a great job,” Tonchi told New York Magazine. “Very soon they will make the announcement, so I already know a little bit too much. But I thought that it could be fun to have John back doing it — as in, Galliano.”  He continued, “But you know, that’s too much of a risky proposition probably. At least for America. But I think he’s really talented.”

So who knows, is the world – or at least the fashion world – ready to forgive John Galliano and welcome him back with open arms? Or at the very least, learn to tolerate his eccentricities? It seems like we’ll soon find out!


-Alia Rajput

Article Source:  NY Mag, New York Times

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