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CFDA's trophy featured in the 2011 show


CFDA and Join Together for Broadcasting

For the first time in fashion history, the CFDA Awards  is schedule to be broadcasted on Held on June 4th at the Lincoln Center, the fashion event will be taped and released on the day after. For those who cannot wait until the day after, staffers will be updating everyone through social media, along with using Instagram and Tumblr throughout the night.’s own Tim Blanks will be featured, along with interviews and other goodies exclusive to the web site. This is a huge step for the fashion world, making the CFDA Awards the second industry event to be taped and broadcast. The awards show follows the Costume Institute gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art that appeared online earlier this month. For the first time in award’s show fifty-year history, everyone will be able to see who’s taking home the prize in the fashion industry.

Condé Nast and the New Stragety

Condé Nast, the publisher of famous periodicals such as Vogue, had president Bob Suauerberg discuss future strategies for the publishing emperor. For those worried that you will have to buy a tablet just to read the next issue of Vogue, don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

Sauerberg, who spoke about this at the PaidContent conference, showcased Wednesday about a plan to change the way every reader consumes and subscribes to their magazines. Although many of the details are not currently being released, it was mentioned that Condé Nast is looking into “productizing” magazines’ archives. No matter what is done, however, the focus is to build up subscriptions, something that will lead to an interesting time for readers.

One topic, however, that was brought up was the women’s magazine Lucky. Recently the magazine was given a major redesign by Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley, and now it is rumored that the publication might be exploring other options such as becoming a quarterly or  going digital. With ad pages down seventeen percent and the circulation figures struggling to reach their 1.1 million copies a month, the company is looking into alternatives to help the magazine survive in some form. Many say that the fall issue of Lucky will be a huge factor in any final decisions for the publication.

Tory Burch’s Design Challenge

The popular designer is looking for up-and-coming designers to create a laptop case. The design should be inspired by Tory Burch’s foundation and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, “Investing in Women” and “The Power to do More.” Burch released this information through Talenthouse, an online community for film, fashion, music, art, design, and photography.

All entries must be submitted by June 17 with each laptop case designed to fit a Dell XPS Ultrabook case. The lucky winner will have the case sold through Burch’s Foundation web site along with Also included in the deal is a $1,000 grand prize and exposure in both group’s social media outlets.

– Lindsay Grundy

Source: WWD, New York Post

Picture Source: CFDA

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