Lindsay Lohan Strikes Again! Tanning Company Sues for Getting Stiffed Out of $40K

May 30, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Legally Yours


That orange-y glow doesn't come cheap!

Isn’t it nice that Lindsay Lohan always seems to know when we’ve stopped thinking about her? That’s at least what it seems like when the staggering starlet pops up in our headlines every few months with some new juicy tidbit to sell.

This time, Lohan has been accused of stiffing Tanning Vegas, a mobile airbrush tanning company, out of $40,000. According to TMZ, the star neglected to pay for tanning sessions from 2007 through 2009, causing the company to sue her back in early 2011. On Monday, TMZ reported that the Nevada-based tanning company is trying to move the case to California, where Lindsay can no longer avoid the inevitable. Gotta splurge on those sprays of orange!

Tanning Vegas, which is run by Lorit Simon, who is oddly also the co-founder of Lohan’s own self-tanning line, Sevin Nyne. Sevin Nyne was coincidentally founded in 2009, suspiciously right around the time Lohan seemingly stopped going to Tanning Vegas regularly.

As for Sevin Nyne’s current status, the product of self-tanning products  is currently on sale at Sephora so maybe go pick up a 50 oz.  bottle of Tanning Mist and help Lilo out with all of her upcoming court fees.


-Alia Rajput

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