Beauty Rave: M·A·C’s Beth Ditto Collection

June 1, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

You guessed it…it’s time for another M∙A∙C limited-edition collection! The soon to be released M∙A∙C Beth Ditto Collection is all about candy-glossed pop and we totally love it! Much like Beth Ditto herself, this collection is bold and in your face! It features 3 colors of Zoom Lash Mascara (I adore colored mascara), Pro Longwear Lipcremes and Nail Lacquers. Premiering in this collection is Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner, a dual-ended pairing of Eye Shadow and Greasepaint Liner for achieving a perfect smoky eye. It’s truly genius. Of course, there’s Liquidlast Liner and M∙A∙C’s 7 Lash for extra drama. With polished punk sensibility and shades ranging from tender to tart, this collection of unadulterated Beth Ditto aims the spotlight on you.

Q & A with Beth Ditto courtesy of M∙A∙C
Can you tell us some of your experience with cosmetics?
By the time I was in high school, all of my friends asked me to do their makeup for prom, and makeup is a big part of who I am. I love that it has the potential to transform a person; you can become a clown or a princess. Makeup offers someone the unique freedom to become someone else for the day, 10 minutes or the rest of their life. It is something that you can hide behind, but also something that can give you confidence. That’s why I love makeup so much!

Do you have a beauty icon ?
Peggy Moffitt and Grace Jones are definitely my ultimate beauty icons. Their looks are timeless. They can constantly transform themselves without losing their own identities. To this day, their signature looks are still very relevant.

How would you describe your look?
My look is “put together.” I am not really into high glam, because I am not that… ambitious, but I am really into makeup. I always have my eye liner on, my hair done, and a nice pair of black flats.

What is the correlation between your music and makeup?
I am a child of the 80s. When I was about five years old, MTV was made illegal in my hometown, so it felt like I was stuck on a deserted island with both Cyndi Lauper and Boy George’s music. They didn’t want you to pay attention only to their music or makeup – they wanted you to pay attention to both! I am obsessed with their music and also the looks they cultivated that ultimately defined the decade. So, for me, there is always a very strong correlation between music and makeup.

Where does your instinct for colors come from?
I’m passionate about color. My best friend and I sit and look at Pantone books for fun. We’ll be like, “Oh my God, Pantone 93 is amazing!” That’s the kind of stuff I do – it’s inspiring, I’ve always loved color. Maybe it has something to do with the Wizard of Oz. I remember that being the most amazing moment ever, when the color comes in.

What was the inspiration for the colors in the collection? Is there a theme?
Being able to combine the colors, and the ability to look good on girls of all skin tones and types. From the darkest skin to the palest skin and everyone in between!

The M·A·C Beth Ditto Collection is available June 7, 2012 through July 19, 2012

– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Samples received for review.

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