Bad Judgement Du Jour. The Kardashians Launch a Beauty Line….

June 8, 2012 • Bad Judgement, Beauty, Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

Le sigh: Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian

…and guess what?! It begins with a ‘K’.

That’s right — Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian have signed on to launch their own color collection, Khroma Beauty, exclusively at Ulta this Christmas. WWD says of the line, “Designed to resonate with multicultural consumers of all ages, the line is being billed as luxurious and aspirational, as well as affordable.” In other words, a bunch of self-tanners, kohl liners, and unflattering lip shades to make everyone look like a plasticized version of themselves. Awesome.

“[The sisters] wanted to share their access to luxury formulas with their fans and our goal was to provide a prestige product range at very accessible prices,” said Robin Coe-Hutshing, creative director of Khroma Beauty and cofounder of new licensing company Boldface, which will make its debut with the Kardashian’s first cosmetics line. “We reviewed a number of  beauty and fragrance licenses prior to the Kardashians’, but the potential for creating a brand with Kourtney, Kim and Khloé stands apart because of the girls’ beauty and style, their unique connection with their fans and followers and because they each have definitive ideas about beauty and makeup that will speak to women of various cultures and ethnicities. For us, these are the qualities of a winning brand partnership,” said Coe-Hutshing.

The Khroma Beauty bounty is being billed as having something for everyone! For eyes, lips and complexion, anyone wanting to channel that freshly fake n’ bake look the trio is famous for, will finally have their chance. In December, the brand will roll out with a holiday assortment of false eyelashes, mascaras and Kardazzle Compacts. Later launches will include items like the Kurve Compact Dual Finishing Powder, a gold pre-foundation treatment called the Million Dollar Mask and a spotlight illuminator.

And if you doubted for a moment, the sisters wouldn’t be on hand to exploit themselves, er, market the pants off these products,  the Kardashians and their makeup artists will provide buyers with insider tips and beauty how-tos, via Twitter and YouTube.
Just one more step towards a full Kardashian global takeover! Hide your kids, hide your wife. And Merry Christmas :).


-Alia Rajput

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