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July 2, 2012 • Magazine, Style Sleuth

Everyone should have at least one stand-out piece in their wardrobe. It should be something that makes them happy every time they wear it (and maybe also the immediate group of people around them). Whether it be an item of clothing, jewelry, shoes or just a hair accessory, everyone should have at least one super fun statement piece.

So, by definition: what exactly is a statement piece? A statement piece is something that is eye-catching yet intriguing. It may be bold yet simplistic in nature. It should be the one standout piece of your entire outfit without being overbearing and complicated. It should also be something that reflects your personality and circles around your signature style.

When a person thinks of a statement piece, one usually thinks of something completely outlandish like an oversized necklace or crazy pair of sky-high Louboutins. There’s no reason for that! It can be either of those pieces, but if you would never wear them in your life, then that’s not a statement piece for you.

Your piece can be either a bold and bright print on a tee or fabulous pair of neon colored platform (yet sensible!) pumps. And if statement clothing isn’t your thing, you can always wear statement makeup! A bright eyeshadow or a vibrantly colored mascara can make a difference in your appearance. It doesn’t have to be something super expensive either. If it fits your style and budget, then it will work as the right fashion statement in your wardrobe!

1. ASOS Petite Exclusive Midi Dress in Squiggle Print, $46.40

2. ASOS Orchid Flower Headband, $13.26

3. NARS Single Eyeshadow Compact in Outremer, $24

4. Betsey Johnson Miss Purse-onality Bag,  $78

5. Sergio Rossi Feather Embellished Mesh Sandals, $474.25

6. Tinley Road Bleecker Blazer, $79

7. Balmain Sequined Silk Maxi Skirt, $4679

– Taneisha Jordan

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