American Clothing Manufacturers Snubbed

July 16, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Industry

Before we begin, let’s take time for a history lesson in a nutshell. After years of living in fear of a nuclear threat and the start of World War III, what we know of as the Cold War was resolved after many negotiations and peace talks among world powers — the end. Now in 2012, we are warmly embracing our former foe, Russia and giving the cold shoulder to our own country, all in the name of the Olympics.

Just last week, Ralph Lauren got caught up in reports that it was making this year’s Olympic team uniforms in China — and while they’ve already signed off on these Chinese-made products, the company says that it will produce Made-in-the-USA uniforms for the winter 2014 games. However, an unlikely competitor has stepped up and is already ahead of the game.

“Since 2011, the Russian Olympic team has been in talks with Los Angeles-based American Apparel for a deal to design its clothing for the 2014 games, sources confirmed.”

American Apparel Screen Printed Power Wash Tee and Dark Wash High-Waist Jean Cuff Short

According to American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, Russia doesn’t want Chinese made products and are therefore looking to America to possibly supply not just uniforms but merchandise too.

Co-founder of Made in USA Foundation said that the US Olympic committee isn’t the first to snub American clothing producers and  “a slew of federal operations buy clothing and sell stuff that’s mostly from China, Joseph says.”

As far as I’m concerned let the fashion rat race begin! But it doesn’t matter who ends up victorious, because in this competition it’s a sure thing that both sides will be looking their best.

–Jamie Wilson

Source: New York Post; Images: American Apparel


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