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July 18, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Tavi thinks Seventeen should do better, YSL’s new logo got taken over by a T-shirt company and Macy’s rolls out a new app for saving dough

Tavi vs. Seventeen

Apparently, Tavi doesn’t think that Seventeen magazine’s response to Julia Bluhm’s anti-photoshop petition was strong enough. In an interview with Racked, the blogger said that in a nutshell that it was pointless. “I don’t know that they changed anything. They said in their ‘treaty’ that they vow to never change girls’ body or face shapes, but then say, ‘(Never have, never will.)’ To me, that sounds like they just published a self-serving statement that made them look good, but they’re not taking into account the intentions and concerns that were really behind the petition. Again, it’s not just about Photoshop — all kinds of components of a magazine help contribute to the feelings that might leave a reader with a negative body image.”

Not Everyone Likes the New YSL Logo

YSL‘s forthcoming Soho store on Mercer Street is still under construction, though yesterday, Fashion Law noticed that the plywood-covered storefront bore the label’s new name, Saint Laurent, printed in square block letters instead of the traditional sloping font. But when NY Mag went to see the new logo, they found that someone had papered over the new name with some mysterious ad.

Could it be that YSL Saint Laurent they didn’t want to show their new logo quite yet and decided to wait for a bigger reveal? But then, upon closer inspection of the paper bill itself, it was realized that it appeared to be an ad for New York–based T-shirt company Rocksmith. I guess someone like T-shirts a little bit more than what Slimane is trying to do…

Shopkick and Macy’s Make an App

Shopkick and Macy’s today are rolling out a national shopping app program that allows consumers to earn “kick” rewards just for walking in to more than 800 Macy’s stores, as well as receive exclusive deals and offers. The rollout is through Mood Media Corp.’s audio system that allows Macy’s to activate a patent-pending “shopkick signal.” The new technology partnership between Shopkick and Mood Media is already accessible in Mood’s 580,000 customer stores.

Consumers who are present in-store can use their smartphone to pick up signals that tell the handset about rewards and deals. Access via the smartphone is layered upon in-store audio via an existing Mood Media player or added as an option to any new Mood Media audio system. Shopkick says its location-based rewards program helps retailers attract more foot traffic. Its inaugural partners since 2010 include Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters. Back then, there were only five Macy’s stores participating in the launch. The new technology increases the store base access as well as increases the program to 50 new geographic markets.

“As the anchor store to hundreds of shopping centers, downtowns and destination malls across the country, Macy’s is in many ways the ultimate retailer,” said Doug Galen, Shopkick’s chief revenue officer.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Mag; Racked; WWD
Photo: Racked


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