“About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now” Airs Tonight On HBO

July 30, 2012 • Events, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Television

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders working with Carmen Dell’Orefice, 81.

In fashion and in Hollywood youth and beauty are constantly fading. Old faces are being replaced with fresh new ones and it seems as if the cycle will never end nor slow down. But does anyone stop to think about what happened to those iconic faces of the past? In Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s documentary, “About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now” he takes the time to answer those questions for us and reminisce with the legendary fashion faces of past decades. “The film, to be broadcast Tonight, July 30th at 9pm on HBO pokes behind the fastidiously maintained facades of some of the most celebrated beauties of the last half-century.”

In this bold documentary Greenfield-Sanders does not shy away from the “highly charged” topics of drug abuse, racism, self-image and, “perhaps most provocatively, the topic of age, fashion’s last and, arguably, most fearsome taboo.” Beverly Johnson, Cheryl Tiegs, China Machado and Jerry Hall are just a few of the legends that appear in this film.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Over the years we have all been somewhat exposed to the horrors of the industry and how it affects those involved, but this work takes us deeper into the lives of those willing to share. In this quote, Paulina Porizkova the Czech-born former star pretty much sums up what it means to utilize your looks for work.

“Working off your looks makes you pretty much the opposite of self-confident. Still, I don’t think any 15-year-old girl will turn down the chance to be called beautiful. You don’t realize at that point that you are also going to be called ugly.”

Beverly Johnson, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Cheryl Tiegs during the making of the documentary.

This project started off as a mere photo shoot for Vanity Fair, but the subject was so captivating it evolved into much more. “The power of beauty and fame, what that does to your ego, what it does to you when that fades,” said Greenfield-Sanders.

So grab your best girls and tune in Tonight on HBO for this riveting documentary about age, beauty, fashion, fame and what’s left in life when it all fades.

–Jamie Wilson

Source & Images: The New York Times

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