Fashionattitude: Fall Be A Lady. The 2012 Pre-Season Preview

Maybe it’s the dreamy Downton Abbey-inspired frenzy for tea, frocks and a dream to be called “her ladyship,” or maybe it’s just the inevitable banality of the summer wardrobe, but fall is the season for those who love, well to indulge the whimsy, fantasy and escapade that is fashion. (That’s why I also say lose the twenty pounds in the summer to fit into your FALL wardrobe, not some ridiculous bikini). And whether the trends inspire (Black is back! Does it ever really go away despite the vaguely bearable neon “trend”?) or have you scratching your head (really, do we need chaussures inspired by bedroom slippers??) now’s the time to grab them while they’re hot.

1. Jill Sander Navy Belted Pleat Dress, $1935

2. Delvaux Madame PM, $4200

3. Lanvin Double-Breasted Snap Coat, $5950

4. Miu Miu Embroidered Slip-On, $650

5. Yves Saint Laurent Mirror Accent Pump, $1050

6. Maiyet Cutout Medallion Platform Sandal, $995

- Heatherbelle Bridgeview

Image Layout: Joey Payson


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