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August 2, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Shopping

Inside of a Fashion Trailer

Fashion and food aren’t two things that are typically associated with each other in a positive way. But the times, they are a changing and fashionistas are grabbing inspiration from the most unlikely places. We’ve all seen those parked trucks selling food to people on the go, but have you ever imagined buying high-end clothes and accessories inside one?

Trendy individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit are redefining the very meaning of “Street Fashion” as they revamp mobile trailers into style havens for shoppers. Joey Wolffer made-over a potato chip truck into her very own “bohemian den” named Styleliner. This 1980s glam spot is loaded with limited-edition accessories from Wolffer’s world travels.

“Owners say they’re taking cues from the food truck industry, which glamorized street cuisine, garnered a cult following and even spawned a hit TV show.”

Haute Chix Fashion Truck

Styleliner isn’t the only fashion truck rolling down the street, there are a handful of other mobile stores in cities such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles and across the U.S. that are abounding with vintage accessories, high-end looks and other fashion finds. These mobile boutiques provide an intimate experience for shoppers since each one has a very limited amount of space.

Innovation like this is a great way to stay afloat if you’re a small business owner. The unique experience that shoppers get in these retail trucks aren’t going to be found in conventional stores, and that’s what customers appreciate the most. In an economy that is struggling to get back on its feet, this is one way to get people excited about spending money on shopping again and “experts say traditional stores want to collaborate with mobile retailers, not compete with them.”

Next time you’re looking to enhance your shopping experience stay away from the mall. Instead, indulge in vintage finds from a food trailer turned fashion trunk. You’ll leave there with your couture craving satisfied because fashion never tasted so good!

–Jamie Wilson

Source: The Washington Post; Images: Pamela’s Punch & Las Vegas Review Journal


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