H&M Gift Card Giveaway! To Celebrate The Grand Re-Opening Of The Lexington & 59th Street Store!

August 3, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Giveaways, Retail Detail

Since Second City Style editors are HUGE proponents of the high-low concept of dressing, we love H&M for their totally on-trend options. Don’t you just love to see MAJOR designer shoes paired with an H&M dress? And how many of us have complimented a friend on something she is wearing only to find out she bought it at H&M? So just imagine how far a $100 or $200 gift card will get you. Read on…

H&M, is thrilled to announce the grand re-opening of its Lexington & 59th Street store on Thursday, August 9th at 10:00am EST. This popular Manhattan location will debut an all new interior that boasts a modern and trendy look.

To celebrate the grand re-opening and the summer season, an H&M pop-up ice cream truck will be hitting the streets surrounding the Lexington & 59th St. store to hand out free ice cream and giveaways to all customers that show a valid H&M receipt. The truck will run on both Thursday August 9th and Friday August 10thfrom 11am-6pm. Additionally, the first 250 shoppers in line on opening day will receive an Access to Fashion gift pass valued from $10-$300, as well as other fantastic giveaways for the entire family!

Second City Style was lucky enough to get our hands on 3 gift cards for $100 and 1 grand prize of a gift card for $200! So what do you need to do to win? You must answer one of the following 2 questions correctly to win a $100 (of those who guessed correctly, you will be randomly chosen). If you answer both correctly, you could be selected to win the $200 gift card Grand Prize! Now here are the rules: You must live in the Tri-State area (H&M requested) although the gift cards may be used at any Tri-State H&M. You must also leave your answer as a comment to this post with your email address & city you reside with your answer. Otherwise we have no way to contact you, should you win.* We will pick and notify the winners on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 10am EST. OK, here are the questions:

1. In what year did Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) open their first store?

2. In what year did the H&M on Lexington & 59th first open?

Good luck!

*If you are a winner, you will be asked via email for your mailing address so we can send you the gift card. If it doesn’t match the city you put with your answer, you will be disqualified and we will pick another winner. 

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20 Responses to H&M Gift Card Giveaway! To Celebrate The Grand Re-Opening Of The Lexington & 59th Street Store!

  1. Yael Maxwell says:

    The first questions is sort of a trick question because there are 2 possible answers. The first store was called just Hennes and it opened in 1947, however, they changed their name to Hennes & Mauritz in 1968 so that would be the first official Hennes & Mauritz store. The H&M on Lexington and 59th opened in 2004.

    yaelleah23 at gmail dot com
    New York, NY

  2. Joyce says:

    1. 1947
    2. 2004

    I can be reached at whereisjoyce@gmail.com, hailing from the Bronx – sadly, no H&M here yet!

  3. San D says:

    Ans 1) 1947

    Ans 2) Oct 2004

    Love H&M! Thanks for the chance! xo

    San (Twitter follower @SS_Dal)
    ssfashiongirl007 at gmail dot com

    Jersey City

  4. moesha says:

    The first store opened in 1968 because the name was changed
    On October 22nd 2004 it was opened

    Moesha – smileywiley26@yahoo.com
    New york

  5. Bri says:

    1. 1947
    2. 2004

    briannamk [at] gmail [dot] com
    New York, NY

  6. JChen says:

    The first Hennes store was opened in 1947 in Sweden.

    In 1968, Hennes founder Persson bought Mauritz Widforss and began selling both men’s and women’s clothes, effectively changing its name to Hennes and Mauritz.

    On Oct 22, 2004, H&M opened their 59/Lex store.

    New York, NY


  7. Steven says:


    1) The very first H & M stores (then called Hennes) opened its doors in 1947.

    2) The H & M on Lexington and 59th Street first opened in 2004.

    Contact e-mail: scruz12@ccny.cuny.edu

    City: Bronx, New York

  8. Nicole says:

    Brooklyn, New York

  9. Q1: The first Hennes store opened 1947 and Hennes and Mauritz opened 1968
    Q2 Lexington on 59th opened 2004

  10. Earl smith says:

    Q1 Hennes 1947 and H&m 1968
    Q2 2004

  11. Anel says:

    1) In 1947 H&M first opened.
    2) In 2004 the H&M in 59th and Lexington was opened


  12. Nelly says:

    1) It was in 1947 that the first H&M opened
    2) It was in 2004 that the H&M in 59th and Lexington opened



  13. Claire says:

    1) The very first store, called Hennes, opened in 1947, and the name was changed to Hennes and Mauritz in 1968.
    2) The H&M at Lexington and 59th Street opened in 2004.
    Thanks much!!
    clairibelle at hotmail dot com
    NY, NY

  14. Anel says:

    1) the first h&m opened in 1947
    2) the h&m in 59th st opened in 2004

    Bronx, NY

  15. moesha says:

    I live in brooklyn’ new York.. sorry forgot

  16. JAY says:

    1- 1968
    2- 2004

  17. Eileen says:

    1. 1968
    2. 2004

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