A Guide To Looking Chic On A Budget

August 7, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

It’s easy to look at photos of your favorite stars and feel a bit of envy at how perfect they look on the red carpet and even in everyday life. When you’re not the one making millions off of movies and advertisement deals it’s seems as if it’s a bit harder to replicate the looks of your favorite beauty and style icons. But cheer up, buttercup because a new book is out that will give you just what you need to feel classy and chic in your daily life.

Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, beauty editor of Glamour magazine, realized that there was a huge disconnect between the price of beauty and the money that real women have to spend on it. So, she chose to close that gap by writing the book, “How To Look Expensive.”

“Feeling beautiful shouldn’t come with a steep price tag,” said Lustig.

Her book, out today, shows readers how to obtain that red carpet ready look without burning a whole in their wallets. She divulges secrets and tips to readers from her contacts in the beauty industry and tells them about go-to products that are sure to get the job done.

“Looking expensive takes practice, knowledge and education,” said Lustig. “It’s luxe, not loud. More Paris, France, than Paris Hilton.”

–Jamie Wilson

Source: NY Post; Image: Amazon



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