Fashionattitude: The Bitch Bag

August 13, 2012 • Fashionattitude, Magazine

Forget about the “classic” and the “it” bag, the Bbag is what you want to look for this season

Somewhere between the classic bag that you will have until they bury you in your Chanel suit and the oddly colored it bag that you purchased in 2005 because too much vino at 3am persuaded you to think that some overpaid print mag editor who got the bag for free put it on her must-have list is the “Bitch” bag. The Bbag doesn’t exclude the two aforementioned possibilities, but the Bbag’s claim to fame is that you are more likely to see it on the arms of ladies on the street that share that crazy sixth fashion sense you wish you had. They aren’t necessarily the most expensive bags, nor are they always new on the scene. You secretly hate the ladies carrying these holy grails but only because you would love to be them. And yes, as they sashay past you smelling of fall’s must-have scent for all seasons—a new leather bag—you can’t help but whisper, “bitch.” Here are our guesses for what this season’s Bbags might be…

1. Alexander Wang Pelican Satchel, $985

2. Lanvin For Me Double Carry Small Bag, $1450

3. Chloe Colorblock Large Alice Satchel, $1995

4. Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Woven Leather Tote, $500

5. YSL Cabas Chyc East West Satchel, $1990

– Heatherbelle Bridgeview

Image Layout: Joey Payson

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2 Responses to Fashionattitude: The Bitch Bag

  1. I love the YSL bag!!!! That is my new obsession!

  2. Trendy says:

    The Chloe bag is amazing. Love the colors.

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