Helen Gurley Brown: Remembering The Woman Who Revolutionized Sex For Generations

August 14, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

It’s kind of hard to imagine what Cosmopolitan would be like without its tips and advice on everything revolving around sex! Quite frankly, it might not be as big as it is today — but before the 1960s Cosmopolitan had a rather modest tone. Well, until Helen Gurley Brown came along and shook things up!

Brown who died Monday morning at the age of 90 was responsible for giving Cosmopolitan its sexual edge and in doing so empowered women all over the nation.

“A spokesman for the Hearst Corporation, which publishes Cosmopolitan, said that Ms. Brown, 90, died after being hospitalized briefly at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital.”

Brown took over the magazine in 1965 and remained its editor until 1997. However, she is still listed as editor in chief for Cosmopolitan International on all of its mastheads. Brown, who wrote “Sex and the Single Girl” is accredited with bestowing the gift of sexuality to the magazine.

The woman who said at her 60th birthday, “You can’t be sexual at 60 if you’re fat,” was a veteran of dieting and cosmetic surgery.

“Helen was one of the world’s most recognized magazine editors and book authors, and a true pioneer for women in journalism — and beyond,” said in a statement from Hearst.

Next time you open an issue of Cosmo, think about just how different the words you’re now reading could have been if one woman hadn’t been just a fire starter! And for that, we thank her!

–Jamie Wilson

Sources: NY Times & Newsday; Image: NYTimes

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