NARS Is Set To Debut A Skin-Care Line

August 15, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Ten years ago, NARS tried its hand at creating a skin-care line, because of improper marketing things didn’t play out accordingly. But good thing there are second chances because a decade later, NARS is back with the introduction of a 9-piece skin-care line. NARSskin includes two cleansers and moisturizers, a toner, an exfoliator, an eye cream, a mask and a serum.

NARSskin takes a completely different approach from its competitors but not making any “aggressive claims.” It’s not going to work some miraculous change to your skin, it just helps you better care for it. When skin is properly cared for, it tends to look better — voila!

“I don’t believe in so-called miracle ingredients,”  François Nars, the company’s founder, said in an interview.

These NARS products are paraben free and use ingredients from French Polynesia, including seawater, which Nars said is calcium rich as well as rich in magnesium and potassium because of its contact with volcanic stone.

The NARSskin products will retail from $29 to  $72.

–Jamie Wilson

Source & Images: NYPost

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