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August 20, 2012 • Magazine, Style Sleuth

It’s that time of the year again… the time where you search through your closet, bypassing items you bought just a few weeks ago and you already feel are out of style. The time where you start marking pages in your Vogue, Elle and InStyle while making mental notes to find these looks for less at Target. The time where making that dedicated Pinterest board in honor of the occasion is really coming in handy. The time when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear and you must, must, MUST achieve the pinnacle of your fabulosity. It’s Fashion Week time!

You need much to wear, and with almost less than three weeks away, there’s almost no time to get it together. Never fear! I have dedicated a special post to all you procrastinators. You never need much to completely change an outfit. You just need a few game changers. Here’s a couple of tips of what to throw in your bag at the last minute:

You need a gorgeous carry-all. Something that says “Hey, I’m more fashionable than Man-Repeller but I am also smuggling a pair of Dr. Scholl’s flats in the bag without you noticing.” A bold color, textural appeal or why not both?! You’re going to be almost living out of this bag so it’s best to make sure that it functions for both day and night.

It might be a smidge chilly in the tents. You need a little something to cover up. How about a bold blazer? It can be in a fun color or in a cropped and tailored silhouette. Those runway rooms can get a little cold so just make sure you can layer on one of these. And when you walk back out to talk about the runway show (seriously, who does Gwen Stefani think she is?!), you can just toss the blazer over your shoulder or in your bag if you’re truly done with it.

And of course, no ensemble can be complete without a bold necklace! And some outfits even have the collar embellished for you! A big trend is adding on a men’s-inspired collar to add edge or try on a Peter Pan collar to add a bit of sweetness to a look. You can toss on a separate sparkly piece or buy your items with the collar already decorated for you! Just keep it bright.

This advice doesn’t just have to be for Fashion Week. This kind of planning works best even if it’s something like a business convention or any event where you have to make some quick changes to your look without sacrificing your comfort. So, hop to it… and grab something sparkly!

1. Diane von Furstenberg Drew Dia Jacquard Connect Bag, $425
2. Kate Spade New York Primrose Hill James, $448
3. Balmain Jacquard Blazer, $4350
4. Marc Jacobs Metallic Floral-Print Dress, $383.25
5. Dolce & Gabbana Gold-Plated Glass Pearl Necklace, $2875
6. Theyskens’ Theory Jago Satin Blazer, $264
7. ASOS Fluro Sequin Collar, $11.92

–Taneisha Jordan

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