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August 27, 2012 • Events, Fashion Blog, Under-Pinnings

Statistics say that over half of women wear the wrong size bra. When was the last time you had a professional bra fitting? We sure couldn’t remember, which is why we jumped at the chance of attending the Chantelle Lingerie Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Preview, boasting luxe Chantelle pieces, pink champagne, and a one on one consultation with a certified bra fitter. Hosted by the fabulous site,, we knew this would be one great party.

Indeed, just viewing the elegant and artful pieces in the collection was enough of a treat. In over 125 years of creating couture lingerie, the Parisian company prides itself on being able to provide a perfect fit for every woman. This Fall/Winter 2012 collection was inspired by another kind of girl’s best friend: fine jewelry. The evening’s banner announced “Lingerie and jewels in Ruby, Emerald, Black Pearl and White Gold” referring to each subset within the collection. Each jewel-laden category were spread out with a corresponding inspiration board. Amid scatterings of faux baubles, guests ere able to get up close and personal with the lingerie pieces.

We were then led to the fitting room wall and asked to fill out a profile sheet on what size we thought we were, and which style of bra we were interested in trying. Once we completed our profile it was time for our professional fitting!

Filling out our Chantelle profiles!

One of the friendly Chantelle Lingerie bra fitters (with her measuring tape.) Thank goodness for them!

During my own fitting, I was shocked to be told I was a size that was several sizes different than what I wear everyday! No wonder so many woman are wearing the size every day! The fitters were wonderful — friendly, knowledgeable, and not at all scolding of my poor bra wearing protocol. I picked out a gorgeously deep teal demi-set in the Black Pearl collection.

The Black Pearl and Grey Gold collections

A close-up of my new set (left) and satin demi bra and a lace undie. Can’t wait!

We were so grateful to Chantelle Lingerie and to fill us in on the common mistake of wearing the wrong bra size, a problem that can cause bad posture, back pain, and all other kinds of physical maladies. And comfort was just the beginning in the long list of Chantelle Lingerie benefits. The gorgeous, impeccably tailored lingerie were so pretty it seems a shame to have to wear clothes over them! And we loved the innovation of mixing and matching rainbow-hued pieces with the assortment of sparkling baubles, we’re so excited to try our first Chantelle Lingerie bra and panty set!

– Alia Rajput

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