Breakfast With Kelly Osbourne: Kicking Off The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival In Chicago

August 28, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

Kelly Osbourne was in Chicago last Friday, kicking off The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival presented By MasterCard®. She was there to present a fashion show along Michigan Avenue in Pioneer Court that afternoon. We enjoyed breakfast with Kelly at Café NORDSTROM and had the opportunity to ask her questions and get her opinions on fashion, beauty, celebrity, style and Chicago! She is extremely tiny when you see her in person, and she is very upbeat, has her own opinions, yet is sweet and very real. No wonder she has so many fans!

Q: What are your favorite trends for fall 2012?

K.O: I like the mustards, yellows, purples and brocades. I also like the structured jackets because I have really small shoulders.

Q: How do you get your lilac hair colored?

Kelly’s Stylist: (with Kelly nodding:) It is two-process and she hates it! First it has to be bleached and then tinted. It is a long process.

Q: What can you tell us about your new fashion line?

K.O: (thinking carefully, perhaps to not divulge too much) Well,  I think that everything in life has a story, and I think that it’s important that fashion tells a story, which you will see with the line.

Q: What can you tell us about Fashion Police?

K.O: All I can say is that it is so fun. Joan Rivers makes me start laughing so hard that they have to stop shooting. I think Joan cracking me up is my favorite part.

Q: Who was really bad on the red carpet?

K.O: Well, I can say I have seen A-listers really partying, and there is an old couple who always show up at the Golden Globes, in a white limo and the woman is calm in a white fur coat – and I saw them actually roll out onto the red carpet. Ryan Seacrest’s security guard getting arrested would be another one.

Q: What is your favorite fashion season?

K.O: I think it would be fall when you can wear a dress and a jacket. “English Summer” would be my preference.

Q: What was your favorite gown that you wore on the red carpet?

K.O: Um...(she paused to think of the answer.) It was actually 3 years ago, without having to wear Spanks, and I had just lost weigh. I felt really great in the drape of Italian fabric of that gown.

Kelly Osbourn in Tony Ward Gown at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Q: How did you loose weight?

K.O: I think I actually grew out of it. I was only 15 when I was on the show, so a big part of trimming down was actually just growing up.

Q: What is your favorite exercise?

K.O: My favor exercise is ‘none of them’ –  but I like the results so I do them.

Q: What do you like about Chicago?

K.O: I used to go to Chicago about two times a year and it was one of the first major cities I had ever seen. When I think of Chicago I think about the popcorn.* I can remember the tour bus smelling like cheesy popcorn. When my dad heard I was coming here he said “Get me the popcorn!” (she said in a lower voice).

Q: Who are your favorite designers and favorite places to shop?

K.O: I love many designers but I think that we don’t have to dress head-to-toe designer any more. I have gone to TOPSHOP and changed the buttons on a jacket so people think it is Chanel. The stores are different here than in England. Your H&M is better here and TOPSHOP is much better there. You can get high fashion for affordable prices and good quality. And here is a tip: if you have the opportunity to shop their samples, the fabrics of the sample pieces are much better than when it hits the floors.

Q: Your bleached eyebrows got some backlash. Does that hurt your feelings?

K.O: No it doesn’t’ really hurt my feelings but it makes me question why people are bothering to say anything about it at all! There are so many more important things, people are starving and dying in wars and they are talking about my eyebrows. It shows how superficial this world really is.

It was great to “talk fashion” with Kelly Osbourne, and I hope we see her in Chicago again very soon!

To view a full line-up of the two-week-long list of events of The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival presented By MasterCard® happening this week, please visit

– Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

*Note: Probably Garrett’s Popcorn

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