Getting Ready For New York Fashion Week…Again

August 29, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Shopping, Trends

I know I should not complain. I am very fortunate to attend New York Fashion Week and listening to people belly ache about it is tiresome. However, it’s exhausting in so many ways. Especially after 13 seasons. The novelty has sorta worn off. Inevitably Fashion Week sneaks up on me every season and I always seem to be caught off guard. Just like tax season. What the heck am I going to wear? Of course this thought enters my mind at the eleventh hour so I try to assess my closet and see what is missing. Getting dressed for the February shows is much easier because it is the dead of winter and you can count on it to be cold. But the September shows pose a greater challenge. You want to wear your fall clothes, but it is still hot! So you can’t really bust out the wool, nor can you wear your bright summer frocks. The conundrum!

Now I know there are a ton of posers who wear their wildest clothes (all at one time it would seem) in order to be photographed by any style blog, but that’s not my scene nor my goal. Besides, most can’t even get in to Lincoln Center and are just hanging around the fountain looking for photo opps. It’s actually that scene which makes me tire of Fashion Week quickly. By the last days, I just want to push them over. I digress.

I hate to admit, but with two small children (thankfully boys and no competing fashionistas) I just don’t have the extra dough nor the inclination to spend on myself like I used to. So on top of the clothes I already own and thankfully fit into again and the ones I just pilfered from my mother’s closet while I was recently visiting (Mom, I promise to return the two vintage Chanel dresses I borrowed as soon as possible), I needed to make a plan. I just need a few more things. I swear!

Now don’t tell my husband (who I promised I wouldn’t buy anything) but here is what I added for the September shows:

1. C&T Costello Tagliapietra Duval Dress, $298, $179 Sale

I adore Costello Tagliapietra! Their draping is amazing and they are the two nicest lumberjacks you could ever meet. So I was thrilled to learn they now have a line that’s a little more accessible at Barneys. I was even more excited to learn this dress I have been eying is on sale! Now I can go to their show wearing one of their dresses instead of just dreaming I could afford one!

2. Karl Jerry PVC-sleeve Cotton-jersey Sweatshirt, $160

I am hoping I get a chance to wear this on a cooler day. I’m totally obsessed with leather (or in this case pleather) sleeves.

3. Loeffler Randall Nanette Cap Toe Booties, $395

Truth be told I wanted these the instant I saw them on Shopbop. So I dove right in and snapped them up. The heel height is perfect for all day running around and they are not boring black…well not entirely.

4. Raven Kauffman Couture MINNIE Petite Rubber Crocodile Tote, $495

Granted during Fashion Week it’s all about the “It” bag, but I have a ton of stuff to lug around all day. I say I am going to break out the smaller good stuff, but I usually find myself with a bigger bag or tote like my beloved and overused YSL Muse. However, I am absolutely going to use my new indestructible tote in the season’s hot color: wine. Another way for me to add some color to my black uniform.

5. Bop Basics Draped Jacket, $248

A black blazer is essential this season. I can wear it with a summer weight printed dress and then remove it when the temperatures in Lincoln Center climb above 80 or I’m racing around in the heat. It’s too hot to wear my leather jacket so a blazer will have to do. This season I was looking for a jacket with shoulder definition so I didn’t appear to be heading to a corporate job. God forbid!

6. Ash Bowie Wedge Sneakers, $235

I can’t wait to wear these to the edgier shows when I don’t have to be so dressed up! The ones outside of Lincoln Center. For some reason I can’t bring myself to wear jeans or even wedge sneakers in ‘the tents’, but who knows? Maybe I will change my mind. These babies could certainly help persuade me.

7. J Brand Brocade-Print Skinny Jeans, $242

It’s all about brocade for fall and denim is the perfect way to work the trend in while the temperatures are still fairly high. I can’t imagine suffering in wool until at least October. Even for fashion!

Sorry honey. I lied, so shoot me! I know what I added is mostly black, but I’m now a New Yorker. It’s our uniform.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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