New York Events: Fashion Scents Soiree with Downy Infusions, Elle Magazine and the Style Coalition.

September 5, 2012 • Events, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle

Summer may be almost over, but before we it could fully close up shop we managed to find time for one more summer soiree! This scent-sational occasion was hosted by Downy Infusions — the newest breakthrough from Downy detergents — along with Elle magazine and of course, our friends at Style Coalition. Floral fragrance lingered delicately in the air at the Style Coalition lounge and bursts of blossoms set the stage for the evening’s main event, the launch of the new Downy Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener line.

Downy and Elle, together at last!

Inspired by women’s desire to surround themselves with accessible luxury, Downy has introduced Downy Infusions as a sophisticated replacement for the former Downy Simple Pleasures line. Each whispery sweet scent consists of a long-lasting and multi-layered formula that adds in a little luxury to everyday life. The six customized scents, created to last throughout the day, include: Honey Flower, Lavender Serenity Orchid Allure Spice Blossom, Citrus Spice and Sage Jasmine. We were informed that most fabric softeners contain a single scent, but Downy Infusion contains multi-layered scents thanks to dual perfume micro-capsules. The micro-capsule releases the scent over time which ensures the longest-lasting scent experience on the market.

Learning all about Downy Infusions and the multi-layered scent experience at the Style Coalition lounge!

We were all lucky enough to get our own scent test, courtesy of the gurus behind Downy, and an up close and personal sniff session with the collection. Learning about each complex step that went into developing the Downy Infusions line, it’s a process surprisingly similar to creating a designer fragrance. Each scent was built with diverse top, heart and base notes while still providing Downy’s signature sense of super softness.

All the Downy Infusions scent testers!

That’s me testing Downy Infusions with Sarah from StyleIT!

And of course, what would a Fashion Scents Soiree be without the discuss of the bottle! Downy recruited the imaginative talents of four different illustrators from varying parts of the world to provide the splashy, floral motifs on the new Downy Infusions bottles. We’re particularly partial to the peony bouquets on the Honey Flower bottles, but each one is it’s own little work of art! Needless to say, in New York it’s always a hassle to do laundry. But as guests of the Fashion Scents Soiree, we all left simply dying to try this new multi-layered scent experience in our next laundry load.

Add a little luxury into your everyday wardrobe with the rich scents and undeniable freshness of the new Downy Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener line!

Think they’ll hire me as a spokesmodel?

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Ana Schecter for Style Coalition

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