Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring ’13: Ruffian Feminine, Downtown Appeal

September 8, 2012 • Fashion Blog, New York Fashion Week Spring '13

Summary: Down by the water, and across the bridge is where Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claud Morais found inspiration for their Spring 2013 collection. The two were influenced by the subculture that can only be found within the streets and sidewalks of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Muted shades of pink, blue, and yellow created a refreshing, relaxed ambiance as the pieces cascaded down the runway. Ruffian countered Baroque styles were balanced with minimalism and neutral whites. Street style was elevated for the runway with the use of luxury fabrics and textures.

True to the creative spirit of downtown fashion, Ruffian wasn’t afraid to experiment with creative layering techniques; apparent with looks like a flowing silk top topped with a cotton brocade corset. Ruffian’s signature Victorian style was clear with details like a double-bow shirt collar and frilly ruffles on a printed top. Even the models’ hairstyle was a modern take on a traditional ‘do: a half-up, teased bouffant style. The prefect finishing accessory? Ruffian skipped the stilettos and went with classic Converse kicks in various shades of pastel; can that be any more hipster-chic?

Colors: White, pale blue, baby pink, black and light yellow.

Fabrics & Textures: Soft linen, cotton seer sucker, double crepe, printed silk georgette.

Key Looks: Corset in pink cotton brocade, double bow blouse in pink Williamsburg toile print silk georgette, mortorcycle pant in cream cotton brocade; Ruffle sleeveless blouse in blue Williamsburg toile print silk dupioni, boy shorts in navy cotton sateen; Sculpted shift top in white double crepe, oxford shirt in yellow Williamsburg toile silk dupioni, puff skirt in yellow Williamsburg toile silk dupioni.

– Laurie Espino

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