Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring ’13: Emerson’s Freaks and Geeks.

September 9, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Spring '13

Summary: I was so excited to see this collection, once I read that Emerson designer Jackie Fraser-Swan was heavily influenced by horror films, both from the 1970’s era and from today. A longtime horror flick enthusiast, one of Fraser-Swan’s muses, Stephen King’s Carrie, has always been macabre favorite of mine. I admittedly was not hugely familiar with Fraser-Swan’s line prior to the show. But the 9 pm time slot and quick glimpse around a room full of club kids and hipsters allowed me to chance a guess that it was geared toward a younger crowd.

Indeed, some of the initial looks included good old varsity jackets, again a cue taken from Carrie’s tormented high school setting. School girl looks gave way to vibrant patterns of polka dots and stripes, many accented with a cute peter pan color that conjured up a modern day Wednesday Adams (it helped that the models had a strategically-off kilter braid wrapped around their heads). Despite the grotesque nature of the theme, many of the looks seemed a little pared down, and even a little ho hum. My favorite of the lineup were the red lace, blood-curdling dresses that I believe did Carrie’s famous pig’s blood look justice (every horror film lover is a sucker for a bright red head to toe look), and the Electric Blue Three-Tier Gown at the end. Though some of Fraser-Swan’s styling seemed out of left field and not quite as cohesive as I expected, I applaud her for taking on a potentially risky theme and turning it into totally wearable, urban street styles.

Colors: Black, Diamond Print, Striped, Swirl, Polka Dot, Electric Blue, Neon, Handprint, Floral Printed, Abstract Print,

Fabrics and Textures: silk, leather, wool, chiffon, pleated, jacquard, cotton, jersey, velvet, nylon, tulle

Key Looks: Emerson Varsity Jacket, Diamond Print Jacquard Blouson Top, Polka Dot Circle Skirt, Electric Blue Peplum Blazer, Neon Anorak, Asymmetrical Rope Print Silk Dress with Peter Pan Collar, Angle Drape Dress with Printed Panel, Sweetheart Hi Lo Cami Dress, Red Velvet Pleated Tulle Cut-Out Gown, Electric Blue Three-Tier Gown, Contrast Pleated Gown

-Alia Rajput

Photos: NY Mag

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