New York Fashion Week Spring ’13: Backstage at Alexandre Herchovitch with Moroccanoil

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I met with Antonio Corral Calero of Moroccanoil backstage at Alexandre Herchovitch so we could talk about his hair design concept for the show, the techniques he used and what inspired him in creating these looks. He is the Artistic Director of Moroccanoil, which was launched six years ago and specializes in luxury hair products that address the needs of all hair types. The inspiration for the collection was the free-spirited 80s era of Boy George’s Culture Club, and the end result was very simple and chic: long locks parted down the middle with a slight wave and no heavy product effect.

Moroccanoil products backstage.

Creating the Look

“I started by applying Moroccanoil Treatment on damp hair to work as a foundation and to make sure all the models had hair that was well conditioned and healthy looking. Since it is absorbed immediately, I followed with new Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse and new Moroccanoil Root Boost to create texture, lift and volume.”

“Next, I blow dried the hair and used my fingers instead of a brush to define, lift and direct the hair into shapes that were rounder on the sides and more flat on top. I sectioned the hair from nape of neck and crown, and used a 1″ curling iron to create a natural-looking bent texture. Since I didn’t want curl or wave in the hair, I left the iron in for only a few seconds, just enough to bend the hair and left about 2″ of ends free when I wrapped.”

“I parted the hair in the middle, and sprayed each section with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong, then rolled each into pincurls at the sides and directed them back – again leaving the ends straight and untouched. What I did this time that was different was to use a combination of water and salt on the hair to give it better texture. So I’m thinking now, maybe we should come out with a sea salt product!”

“After releasing the pincurls, I ran my fingers through the hair and shaped the look. I left more volume and roundness on the sides and made the hair flatter in the area around the center part. I finished with a misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray to add a healthy looking shine to the hair and to look dramatic under the lights.”

Stylists backstage creating Antonio’s look

A glance at the inspiration for the looks.

Antonio discussing the style and how to achieve the look

Getting that non-curly, non-waving bend!

Ultimately, Antonio is a hair stylist who appreciates natural simplicity in its truest form. “I think that the most important thing for me is that people who look at magazines, on your website, or on shows or TV, and I want them to say ‘I would wear that look.’ I think we see a lot of things at Fashion Week that aren’t wearable, and there aren’t a lot of people that can really pull it off, but I like to see consumers see it as something they could really wear. And that’s why Moroccanoil, and myself as Creative Director, anything we do, it has to be able to adapt to your lifestyle.”

The final look on the runway

– Amanda Aldinger

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