Today’s Fashion Headlines: September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News


Ralph Lauren with wife Ricky Lauren at the Hearst Corp. anniversary event.

“Citizen Hearst” Soon to Come

A grand party was thrown at Hearst Tower Wednesday on account of the new PBS-style documentary that was privately screened for attendees. For those who love Heart Publications, “Citizen Hearst” is soon be offered for viewing pleasure. The documentary follows the history of the media from the industry professional like William Randoplh Hearst to Helen Gurley Brown.

Interviews with current editors and executives such as Nina Garcia, David Carey, and Kate White aid the documentary along with remarks and roles involving New York City Major Michael Bloomberg and designer Ralph Lauren. Lauren, who discusses his extensive advertising with Hearst Publications, is acknowledged by Bloomberg with an opening remark saying, “I would get in trouble if I didn’t say everyone should wear Ralph Lauren clothes.” Well, if we have to.

Saks’ Speaks Retail

Stephen I. Sadove, chief executive officer of Saks Inc., spoke about the current luxury slowdown while sitting on the sidelines of the World Retail Congress, a three-day event that began Wednesday in London. Sadove was part of a panel discussion about retail’s adaption to the world of unprecedented change. Chief executive officer of Tesco, Philip Clarke, Marion King, president of MasterCard Worldwide in the U.K. and Ireland, were just a few members that were apart of the discussion.

The Saks executive officer went on to tell how growth is interplaying between the internet and brick-and-mortar stores, adding that consumers want their product anywhere, anytime. “It’s the power of two. In addition, we’ve found that the consumer buys three to four times as much product if they’re buying across different channels.” Sadove also spoke about the concerns about the global economic situation, stating that despite the worry, Saks is confident that growth is possible and opportunities are out there.

Woody Allen Features Chanel Suit

Director of “Midnight in Paris” (2011) Woody Allen has been known to keep his movies under wraps, however it was revealed that the tweed suit and silk blouse that dons the Chanel name will appear on Cate Blanchett in Allen’s next movie. Filming, which is currently taking place in New York City and San Francisco, is getting a French fashion accent for Allen’s next movie. On Wednesday Chanel confirmed that the house and its couturier Karl Lagerfeld did offer the iconic suit for Blanchett’s lead role. Although no other information has been provided about the movie, we can only begin to imagine what it entails.

-Lindsay Grundy

Source: WWD

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