Chicago Events: Laurel Berman of Black Halo Visits Neiman Marcus

October 12, 2012 • Chicago, Events, Fashion Blog

Laurel Berman of Black Halo Meets Guests at Neiman Marcus

The Windy City got a taste of high fashion on Tuesday when Laurel Berman of Black Halo stopped by Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. Berman elevated the style quotient with the Black Halo brand to a level in contemporary that has never been seen before with the infamous “Jackie O” dress. From humble beginnings the the brand’s chic and versatile staple dress, Berman transformed the way women dress today with classic tailoring and sex appeal.

Berman was such a blast to hang out with and hear the story on her Jackie O dress, which originated from basic sportswear pieces (originally two pieces, a top and skirt) and she thought it would be better as a dress. It evolved into several different styles of a must-have luxury piece for every woman. From structured pencil dresses to modern draping, the Black Halo core aesthetic stems from core principles of construction and form.

A Trunk of Black Halo Dresses At Neiman Marcus

Black Halo Dresses in Chicago for a Limited time.  Hurry to Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue this weekend!

A model wearing a Black Halo dress with designer Laurel Berman

I’m with Laurel Berman

– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: Second City Style

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