My Misadventures In Makeup…Rounding Up The Essentials In A Time Of Need!

October 16, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Here is what I wound up with: a cheesy $5 makeup bag, a fabulous MAC ‘Forever Marilyn’ Beauty Powder I brought home for a friend, but kept. The MAC lipstick & concealer I drove to the Galleria to get, drugstore makeup including a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker & .99 Wet N’ Wild lip liner and a nail file I stole from my mother (sorry Mom)!

A very terrible thing happened to me on the way home for my big grade/high school reunion…I lost my makeup bag! I know it’s not as dire as loosing your phone or your wallet/keys, but it was pretty devastating to me. Almost two weeks ago I flew by myself for the first time with my two boys who are both under 3. I knew something was bound not to make it off the plane, but I thought it would be a book or a bottle. I never dreamed it would be my cosmetic bag! Aside from the kids, all I brought onto the plane was a jam-packed diaper bag. I remember re-applying some lipstick when we were landing, and that’s the last time I recall seeing my beloved black studded leather Be & D makeup bag with my favorite lipsticks, powder, brush and liners.

Fortunately my foundation, eyeshadows, mascara and everything liquid were packed in my suitcase, but all the items I like to have in my purse and babybag at all times were gone forever. It was about dinnertime (after I had taken my first nap in ages while grandma watched the kids) when I realized it was missing. So I called the airport, Delta and whoever else could help me locate my lost treasure trove, but it was a lost cause. I was told to fill out a lost luggage form online. Now understand I was back in my hometown to go to a reunion so this is the time I really wanted to look my best. What the hell was I going to do now?

On my way to visit a friend after I had put the kids to bed for the evening I stopped at my little hometown CVS to see what I could find. I bought an ugly $5 makeup bag and a few lipsticks, liners, a brush, concealer and a Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss (yes, I still love it) and an always useful and cheap Wet N’ Wild Lipliner in 666 (I have written about this liner before read here). I forgot you can’t really test drugstore makeup so I had to eyeball it. Something I admit I am not very good at. I nearly passed out when my haul totaled $85! For what? I hardy bought anything!

Lucky for me I had sent the friend I was going to visit a box filled with beauty product samples I had not used. So I warned her I may have to repo some of it. As soon as I walked through her door I sat down with the box and pulled out a MAC Lipstick in Such Flare!, a Maybelline Lipstick in Warm Me Up and a couple of Styli-Style eyeliners. Thankfully I could now return a few things. However, it became painfully clear I was still going to need a better concealer. Without being able to sample any at the drugstore and knowing my undereye area should never see the light of day without it, I was going to have to find a MAC counter STAT!

I’m now on my SECOND Be & D ‘Heather’ Cosmetic Bag!

The next day I had a hair appointment (hey, it’s a lot cheaper to have my hair cut and colored in Buffalo than it is in NYC!) so I returned about $35 worth of makeup to CVS on my way into the city and called a friend of mine who still lives in Buffalo pleading her to tell me there was somewhere in downtown Buffalo that sold MAC. Of course there wasn’t. I learned I had to drive out to the Galleria. The Galleria? The one by the airport? Oy. However, it had to be done. I was going to be seeing people I had not seen in over 20 years that evening and could not risk looking like an extra from the movie ‘Night of the Living Dead’. So I tried to remember how to get to the Galleria from downtown Buffalo, something I had not done in about 15 years. I even called my brother to double check I had to head West on the thruway. Needless to say I pushed the pedal to the metal in my father’s navy Audi Allroad sans GPS with two empty babyseats in the backseat. I was a soccer mom on a mission!

I raced into the Macy’s and flew up to the MAC counter where I sorta barked “I need a Twig lipstick (hey I was there and this is my signature color) and a Studio Finish Concealer in NW25…now!” I don’t think they were used to someone knowing exactly what they wanted in such a hurry. I am such a New Yorker now. Patience is something I lost about a year after I moved to NYC. I paid and raced home feeling a little better that I might actually be able to pull off this ridiculous charade. I have tons of makeup back home in NYC, but that was not going to help me in my time of need.

Well luckily the weekend came off without a hitch and I found my new favorite red lipstick (MAC Such Flare!) out of the ordeal. But I was still horribly upset about the makeup bag itself. I loved that Be & D makeup bag. I am pretty picky and it took me a long time to find one I wanted which I bought from Shopbop and knew was now sold out. So the day after I returned to NYC I checked the Be & D site and noticed they still had the makeup bag, but in blue! Yuck. It was on sale, but I really wanted my black one replaced. So I emailed them and asked if they might have a black one anywhere. They got back to me quickly and for once luck was on my side. Yes, I paid for another one (although it now has less studs than my last one). So now I am busy replacing my lost makeup items and reminding myself that I needed to clean out my old makeup bag anyway. Even though I filled out the lost luggage form on the Delta site I don’t hold out much hope I will ever see my original bag again. So if you are ever on a Delta flight and see a flight attendant applying makeup from the bag pictured above…snag it for me will you?

– Lauren Dimet Waters


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