The Real Debate…Who Rocked The Hot Pink Better?

October 17, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

In case you have noticed we like to keep Second City Style apolitical, however, if you watched the debate last night it was hard to ignore the fact that both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wore the exact same shocking pink color! Awkward. Now, if it was a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that’s wonderful, but we think not since the BCA pink shade is lighter. We feel that each woman was sending a clear message…they are confident, optimistic and believe in their respective husbands! They chose to stand out. Mission accomplished.

While Michelle Obama wore a Michael Kors shift dress with a matching jacket and a strand of pearls, Ann Romney went with a fitted cap-sleeved dress (can’t confirm the designer) with green glass beads.

While their husbands went head-to-head on the issues we are certainly relieved the wives didn’t break out into their own cat fight showing up to the party in the exact same color! The horrors. Who won this debate? Well just like the actual debate we are calling this a tie…or rather, we are NOT going there! Besides, we know everyone is talking about this today. OK, at least the women.

– Lauren & Carol


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