Today’s Fashion Headlines: October 25, 2012

October 25, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

Levi’s Ekocycle Jeans Sells Ekocycle Campaign

With the help of The Coca-Cola Co. along with popular fashion and accessories brands like Levi’s, New Era, Rvca and MCM, pop singer will be making recycling just a little more stylish. These businesses are partnering up with to produce clothing and related fashionable products under the singer’s campaign name, Ekocycle. This initiative is aimed to encourage consumers to recycle and to produce products with the Ekocycle brand that are made from at least 25% post-consumer waste.

As said, this campaign creates a family of sustainability, helping each product and brand market around the idea sustainability. Products range from New Era caps to Beats by Dr. Dre, which hits shelves in July to jump-start the Ekocycle initiative, to jeans and other garments. The title Ekocycle, which begins with “Coke” spelled backwards, was added to pieces such as Levi’s jeans, MCM accessories, Case-Mate phone covers and Rvca streetwear. The concept is simple; brands pay a traditional licensing fee to use the Ekocycle logo with the royalties used to operate and promote Ekocycle along with contributing towards organizations that promote recycling. This way everyone can be environmentally friendly, support community organizations, and of course buy some great products.

Elie Saab Dressing a Royal Wedding

The prominent gown designer Elie Saab has been dressing Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy for eight years. However, it is this past Saturday where Saab will really made his mark. Crown Prince Guillaume married his bride as she donned a one-of-a-kind Elie Saab couture dress. The Countess met with the designer several times, explaining what she wants while helping pick out sketches, fabrics, color, and helping adapt the design to her dream dress.

The gown required 3,200 hours of work and embroidery along with 700 hours of sewing. The team consisted of 10 seamstresses and 15 embroiderers, with 200 transparent sequins, over 80,000 different transparent crystals, and 50,000 small beads. Saab added that more than 10,000 meters of silver-plated thread was need to hold up the dozens of meters of Chantilly lace, Calais lace, satin organza, tulle, silk crepe, and silk tulle for the veil. The designer and his own wife Claudine was present with one of their sons to see the bride in her gown at Luxembourg’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

Lana Del Rey Helps Welcome Mulberry to Singapore

As Mulberry’s new flagship store opened Wednesday evening American singer Lana Del Rey helped greet the brand to the city. “Lana” is currently the Mulberry ambassador, which is why she made a brief appearance to the store’s ribbon cutting ceremony sporting a tiger print wrap dress and an exciting smile on her face. Fans surrounded the store singing the phrase “the boys, the girls, they all love Lana.”

Later on Lana changed into an ombre sequin dress for her performance at a private dinner by the Singapore River. Meanwhile Mulberry is working on their expansion plan, which includes opening a second factory in England along with three retail stores in China by April. The brand believes that Asians appreciate products that are made in England and plans on showing China that Mulberry provides heritage and craftsmanship that is worth the price.

– Lindsay Grundy

Source: WWD

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