What I Scored On My Recent Trip To TJ Maxx

October 30, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Shopping

These Paige jeans were about $69.99!

I have to admit, it had been a long time since I have been to TJ Maxx. OK, that isn’t entirely true. I will sometimes run in to find deals on Ralph Lauren for my boys when I’m in the burbs or visiting my parents, but I really don’t look for myself and I had never been to a location in Manhattan until about a week and a half ago. I went specifically to shop for myself and decided to only consider higher-end labels. It was a rainy and completely disgusting day and I had about three hours to just shop…by myself. Heaven. So armed with a $500 gift card, I was ready to search! The one thing I knew I needed more than anything was a good trench coat. If I could find that, I would be happy. Someone’s rogue cigarette found it’s way through my cracked car window and burned a hole and thus ruined my prized Burberry trench years ago and I had yet to replace it with anything I liked as much.

Had this Dolce & Gabbana coat fit me, I totally would have snagged it for $399! It was one of the first things I found. Yet, it wasn’t a trench and it was too big!






Next I found this Tahari jacket for $109.99

I loved this Vince dolman-sleeved cashmere sweater, but decided not to blow $179 on it. I passed.



















Then I found this C&C California sweater for $39.99 and I actually liked the way it fit much better than the Vince one. This was a keeper.


















I found this awesome sequin Vince skirt which I swear I almost bought a couple of years ago for 4 times the price. Decided against it though as I probably already own too much sequin at this point. But I did love it!






















These DKNY leopard jeans were $39.99, but didn’t look so great on me. So back they went!



























These Joe’s Jeans black cords for $69.99 were calling my name. I had bought a pair of Seven For All Humanity black cords at TJ Maxx years ago (as in before I had kids) and had worn them out. Could these be the replacement pair?
























Fit like a glove and super comfortable. I almost walked out without them, but threw them in my pile at the last minute. Glad I did too! I love these!






























OMG! The perfect trench! With leather sleeves yet and for $179.99? Score! Michael Kors you are coming home with me! Done & done!

This wool sweater coat was only $39.99, but I didn’t love it so I put it back.

So I found this Neiman Marcus charcoal (seeing a theme here?) leather biker jacket with a cool shawl collar for $129.99 and emailed this picture to Carol who told me to snag it! Score!

























OK, so yes, everything I bought was pretty much grey or black. But I really didn’t see anything in my size in a real color that I had to have or needed. I swear! Oh, and so you don’t think I am a total ogre, I bought my husband this fabulous Polo sweater for $49.99 in guess what color? Charcoal.
























Look above:

Coat: Michael Michael Kors trench with leather sleeves, $179.99 at TJ Maxx

Pants: Joes Jeans, $69.99 at TJ Maxx

Boots: Women’s Joan of Arctic™ Wedge LTR Boot, $270 (Courtesy of Sorel)

* Look for more looks styled with my TJ Maxx finds coming soon.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Second City Style

Disclosure: Gift card courtesy of TJ Maxx, but opinions are my own.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Do u think that would have a coat like the Trench With Leather Sleeves
    by MICHAEL Michael Kors at tjmaxx in Ohio I’ve seen it at other places for around 450$ and I used to spent lots of money on coats but I’m to rough on them!

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