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October 31, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog


So what else was I going to do during Hurricane Sandy besides cook? With so much time on my hands cooped up inside and thankfully with electricity so I could run a blowdryer and hair iron…why wouldn’t I decide to try a DIY Keratin treatment? LASIO®, Inc. has released their new Rio de Keratin® Release Yourself Keratin Kit which now makes keratin treatments a lot more affordable. The kit is not only under $40, it’s easy-to-use, locks in moisture and shine, cuts styling time in half and eliminates frizz. It can be used year round and lasts up to 2 months. Each kit allows for 2 applications for 120 days of silky, smooth, and manageable hair.

I had wanted to get a keratin treatment am more than 2 weeks away from needing my hair colored (which is recommended) so now was the perfect time. Yet, it is hard for me to find a few hours to go to the salon. Hurricane Sandy provided me the perfect opportunity to try the kit. So I washed my hair with the included shampoo and blew it dry completely. Now understand, I am horrible at straightening my own hair which is naturally wavy/curly so I didn’t hold out much hope I could do this alone and I wasn’t going to ask my husband to help me, so I had to get it done.

Included in the kit is; shampoo, conditioner, keratin spray & comb

I separated my hair into four sections and put on the included plastic gloves and combed the keratin solution through my hair until it was wet and evenly distributed. Then I blew it dry again as straight as possible. The smell got to me a bit, but I pressed on. Using my ceramic iron heated to 450 degrees I then straightened my hair completely running the iron over each section from root to tip five times as directed. I have to say when I was finished my hair looked the same as it has on the past when I have left the salon after having a professional keratin treatment. Yeah me!

Only time will tell how it works long term. I will let you know how long it lasts after I am able to wash it. Right now I have to wait 24 hours and can not tie it back. But so far so good. Trust me, if I can do it…so can you!

Here I am the day after I tried this product. Taken with iPhone so I know it’s bad, but wanted you to get the idea.

Rio de Keratin® Release Yourself Keratin Kit, $34.99

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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