Fashionable Foodie in the Kitchen: Pork Chops in Rosemary Apricot Sauce with Sugar In The Raw

November 5, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits

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While I was ‘home’ with my boys visiting my parents I thought I would give my mother a break from cooking one night and I tried the Pork Chops in Rosemary Apricot Sauce recipe for dinner. I wanted to make something delicious, yet low-fat and low in calories. I knew my father would love the pork chops and probably wouldn’t even notice that the recipe uses Stevia In The Raw®. I have become a huge fan of Stevia ever since my pregnancy. It really is the only sweetener I ever use anymore. I did debate whether to cheat and get the chops with bones, since my father loves bones, but then thought I should really try the recipe as is and opted for boneless.

Some of the ingredients for the recipe.

Chopping the dried apricots.

I love cooking in my mother’s spacious and well-appointed kitchen whenever I am home visiting. Mind you, this recipe would be easy enough for me to make in my own New York City sized apartment and I will try it there, but having plenty of elbow room is always a bonus and makes cooking a lot more enjoyable. Notice my apron? Whenever I cook with my mother I have to wear one. Shhh. Don’t tell her I rarely wear one while I’m cooking in my own kitchen.

The dried apricots are soaking in cider until plump.

Blending the apricots, cider and canned apricots in the Kitchen Aid.

Now personally I love a sweet sauce with meat. So the combination in this recipe jumped out at me immediately. My father was a little skeptical, but he doesn’t cook so he really had no say.

Adding canola oil to the skillet.

Browning the pork

Posing for the camera while browning the pork!

My son helping me cut fresh rosemary from Grandma’s herb garden.

Chopping shallots

The browned pork

After browning the pork chops I removed them and set them aside. I then sauteed the shallots, added some chicken broth and fresh rosemary and reduced the liquid. Then I added the pureed apricots, chili powder and 2 packets of Stevia In The Raw®.

See? Here I am adding the Stevia In The Raw® to my sauce.

Adding the pork back into the skillet with the sauce.

Simmering the chops until they are white in center

Dinner is served

It is as good as it looks!

I have to tell you, this recipe made for a delicious dinner, especially served with some string beans, salad and chardonnay. My father absolutely LOVED it and didn’t seem to even miss the bones. He kept raving about the sauce. My son liked it too, which is surprising since he has become super picky. I can’t wait to make this again for my husband in my own tiny kitchen, sans apron. I know he is going to love it too. None of them need to know I saved calories by using Stevia In The Raw®!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sugar In The Raw and the Style Coalition, but the opinions are my own.


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