Alvin Valley Gets His Pants To Chicago

November 9, 2012 • Chicago, Designers, Events, Fashion Blog

Alvin Valley in at Public Chicago on November 6, 2012

Alvin Valley, the “King Of Pants” was in Chicago on Tuesday at Public Chicago with his pants. And he brought with him a trunk load of pants, for women that is! When I heard he was coming to town, I had to take a moment to wonder when I had last heard about him. Well, it turns out he was bought out by someone several years ago but recently bought back his business with investors in March. He quickly got it up and running and launched online in September, starting with the focus on his pants. Alvin Valley pants are the flattering and great fitting pants that I remember from the past, on Madonna and hanging in every upscale boutique in Chicago. Now you can get the pants online where you will be guided to your size and style.

Alvin Valley ‘King of Pants’

When I entered the room I could hear laughter coming from the king of pants himself. He is certainly a hoot and knows his stuff! He told me started with pants because pants build loyalty. His assistant Suejedy showed me his signature panel in the waistband that makes the fit of all of his trousers so fantastic. “It’s the secret sauce!” he laughed. The fabrics are of the highest quality, all Italian, and his collection is made in the USA. Not too many designers can boast that.

Alvin Valley Inner-Band: “The Secret Sauce!”

Suejeidy in the Alvin Valley High-Waisted Skinny Trousers

“The woman who wears my pants is independent, professional, she is busy, she works and knows she does not have to be dowdy, she is a woman of power and she is in control. She is having sex, yes, forget the looking sexy stuff, I say she is having sex!” He had me in stitches.

As a pants lover myself, I think he may never need to branch off into other pieces. Every woman needs a great pair of pants in her wardrobe. At the trunk show that eventing a paneled menswear jacket he offered was sold many times over.  So you can see what may be next for Alvin Valley online. But for now, it was a pants party! And I had to try on several new styles of his infamous pants!

Basic black and white!

Multicolor and made to order fabrics, prices range from $195 to $500.

These are my favorites, but don’t stop looking here. Visit Alvin Valley online for shopping and fit guidance. I found that these trouser ran true to size but for some of the slim cut style, I needed to go up one size.

Alvin Valley 198 Two-tone Trouser, $295
These were my favorite. I want these in the solid black!

Alvin Valley 190 Skinny Crop Wool, $235
Every woman must own a pair of these. They come in many colors!

Alvin Valley 199 Super-High Banded, $295
These are super elegant and perfect for the holidays…and always!

Mugging with Alvin Valley

I loved meeting Alvin Valley – and getting reacquainted with his pants!

– Carol Calacci

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