Beauty Beat: Jane Cosmetics’ Relaunch Plan

December 27, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog


Patriarch Partners is relaunching the Jane Cosmetics brand with the new Spring 2013 collection. The collection will be available online in January and sold in drugstores across the country in March. The strategy is to gain a new following of fans while keeping the brand’s devotees happy. The new collection will include highly pigmented shades of long lasting Cream Eye Shadow, Water-Resistant Eye Liner, blushes, illuminators and lipsticks in a wide range of colors and textures. The brand has partnered with Stila Cosmetics, also owned by Patriarch Partners, to ensure quality in the new line.

In addition to the new products, Jane Cosmetics is strengthening their Friends of Jane network. The company works to promote women empowerment, confidence, and commodore for women all over the world. The network brings together women who share a love for beauty, fashion, and charity. The Friends of Jane Lip Collection, made up of three pink lip glosses, will donate 100% of proceeds to various women-friendly causes. Currently, the brand is working with She’s the First, an organization that raises money for the education of poverty stricken girls. In addition to the donation, Jane is determined to move manufacturing back to the U.S. to promote job growth in America.

According to industry sources, the new relaunch is expected to rake in retail sales between $8 and $10 million dollars in the first year alone. Partiarch Partners founder and chief executive officer Lynn Tilton says, “I think I can recreate this brand and hope that women will come together empowered. When women feel beautiful, they feel confident and I think we lose so much of ourselves when we lose beauty, but beauty also has to come from within and this younger generation wants to give back — they are much more aligned with doing for others than for themselves and we are trying to bring high quality, affordable products developed by Stila and have it reflect the values of the young women giving back and taking care of others.” Charity, quality, and style, Jane Cosmetic’s relaunch is shaping up to be a well respected American brand.

-Kendall Hill

Photo & Source: WWD

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