Today’s Fashion Headlines: December 27, 2012

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Retailers Rely on Heavy Sales to Lure Customers

Due to the economy and the snow, the holiday season has been a disappointment for retailers thus far. The stock market is down for most, if not all retail stores this season. Instead of giving in to a bad season, many retailers are pushing back to capture the bargain-hunters attention with amazingly low sale prices. Those with gift cards and returns will file in and hopefully buy impulsively due to the sales and fresh shipment of spring merchandise.

Joe Fresh and Scoop stores advertised up to 75 percent off while Vince Camuto, Crate & Barrel and ABC Carpet & Home all offered up to 60 percent off. The savings continue with up to 70 percent off Saks Fifth Avenue designer sale and up to 50 percent off end-of-the-season Express sale. With store traffic down, retailers hope to use their digital stores to promote sales and sell items. It has been a hard year financially for retailers, but hopefully the sales will allow them to bounce back.

United Scents of America Releases New Scents

Samantha Sherwin and Sasha Bertran, New Jersey based beauty entrepreneurs founded Wold in Sheep’s Clothing LLC in January 2011 and released United Scents in March 2012. The brand aims to create nostalgic scents in the form of various states. Their first round included New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and California. This year, the women will release Hawaii and their first masculine scent, Massachusetts.

Sherwin and Bertran do not trust themselves to decide what a state smells like but instead rely on focus groups to dictate the fragrance. For their Hawaiian scent, the focus group was comprised on Hawaiian honeymooners that states the scent should smell like “tropical flowers of the leis and the sweet smell of pineapples and palm trees.” The fragrance contains hints of pineapple, jasmine, and sweet coconut palm. The masculine Massachusetts contains hints of bergamot, tart cranberry, jasmine, Norther Red Oak, and tobacco leaf.

While the perfumes are each $58, soy candles with the same scene are also available for purchase for $25 on the company’s website. Bertran proudly states, “there’s no better sense of accomplishment than when somebody tells us that we did their state proud and it brought them back to that place. Scent is so connected to personal emotions and we’re glad we are able to give that to the public.”

Melissa Magazine Creates a Familiar Shoot

Melissa Magazine has created a shoot for their 2013 summer edition of Plastic Dreams that might leave fashion insiders doing a double take. The back cover photo for their lead fashion story, ” A Colorful Dream,” reportedly looks very similar to a story that ran on the cover of W Korea in March. Hyun Jang Hong and Karina Givargisoff, respectively the photographer and stylist for the W Korea shoot did a beautiful job creating a lasting image that perhaps made too great of an impression. The similarities between the two shoots are too in line. While Melissa’s edition features seven models in colorful rainbow wigs splayed across a pastel backdrop, W Korea did nearly the same thing with four models and a very similar backdrop.

Neil Stuart, fashion director for Melissa Magazine says, “It is a coincidence.” However, we must realize that the concept has been in development for 18 months to two years. Givargisoff who has used an image from the original shoot as an e-mail signature for months responds, “What’s the expression? ‘Imitation is the highest for of flattery.'”

– Kendall Hill

Source & Photo: WWD

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