Outfit Of The Day For January 9, 2012. How To Wear A Sideways Dress

January 9, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Outfit Of The Day


One of the first pieces that intrigued me at the launch of the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Collection was this horizontally worn dress. I know it is not for everyone! First I tried it on in black, but the “sleeve” looked too much like a priest to me, so I decided I wanted it the blue! It’s such a great color. I like to tie the real sleeves together as an additional way to wear it. Simple pumps or boots work well with this dress. I found these boring (but I love them because the heel is low) boots by Rebecca Minkoff. I actually need boring footwear so they don’t conflict with my unusual apparel, like this dress!

Dress: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Collection Horizontally Worn Dress from S/S 2005, find it on sale now at some H&M Stores, for only $20. You may also like this MM6 BY MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Cut Away Dress, now $369.32 or this MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Asymmetric Dress, $619


Boots: Rebecca Minkoff Boston, now $296.99



Carol_Calacci_Jan_9_2013_dress wrong

This is NOT the way to wear this dress. I was just curious to see if it actually could be worn not sideways. Margiela is indeed a purist! The belt is a little small and the neck opening and some extra lining are at the small of my back. It works, but you can see how much better the dress looks as it is intended to be worn!

–Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style


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