The Thing I Am Loving Today: Sperry’s Women’s Albatross Boot

January 15, 2013 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion Blog

Sperry boot

I know this might surprise you, but I was a true ‘prep’ when I was young, so when I saw a woman wearing these boots while taking my son to school this morning I was instantly smitten. I was staring at the small label on the back and finally made out ‘Sperry.’ So if you know me, you know I went right home and searched for them.

What can I say, they are an updated version of my beloved LL Bean Duck Boots from my youth. I wore those things into the ground and when growing up in Buffalo, you really could not make a worse boot choice. They were not warm and you slid everywhere once the tread was worn down (the preferred way to wear them). Well the Sperry Albatorss Boots are the more grown-up version. And guess what? This boot is not only waterproof, but is also lined with micro-fleece for added comfort and warmth.

I adore the double buckle detail, yet they zip on and off! Oh and they also come in a slew of color combinations. What can I say? You can’t take the girl out of the Preppy Handbook…at least not entirely.

Sperry Top-Sider Albatross Boot, $174.95

– Lauren Dimet Waters


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