Designer Mathieu Mirano Creates Short Film


Evolution, a short film created by Mathieu Mirano, features his spring and summer 2013 collection. This film route that Mirano took,  presents his viewers with a much different experience as opposed to a runway show.

The message is less flashy than what we’re used to seeing in a presentation of a clothing line. This concept is much cleaner and simpler, yet it still achieves its goal.

With this form of expression, we’re able to get a more complete view of what sentiments Mirano is trying to evoke with his collection. The music, the plain white backdrop and the fluid motions of the model as she’s depicted in different dresses comes together to create a single theme. The changing of the scenes and dresses help bring together this idea of evolution and in ways that make it seem more beautiful than scientific.

– Jamie Wilson

Image: pmc-mag

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