Marni Winter Edition 2013 Channels Tough Girl Chic

January 23, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog


It  might be called a man’s world, but with a collection like this, there’s definitely a place for any woman wearing the Marni Winter Edition 2013. This collection is very much suited to the needs and the fast pace of life in the “concrete jungle.” It has a military attitude with the underbelly of feminine sensibility. It’s tough, it’s urban and it’s perfect for that androgynous wardrobe twist.

The Winter Edition is all about the individual’s interpretation of each of these garments.  The essentials in this collection seem as if they’ve been taken right from a man’s closet. These items include: slouchy trousers, deep spacious pockets, and the double breasted blazer and coat. Additional sportswear adds a kind of functionalism to the collection too.

The structure the Marni Winter Edition 2013 comes from a hybrid of deconstructed and tailored as well as masculine and feminine detailing. Pleated skirts can complement sporty blouses and a pair of suit sleeves are attached to a crinkled lining dress. These are just come of the combinations that you’ll get with this collection. Prints come to life as bold stripes and overblown florals. The hues of this line: petrol, burgundy, midnight blue and charcoal are counteracted with metallic glints of gold and copper as well as hints of pink and mustard. It’s feminine with a kick of angst.

– Jamie Wilson

Image: Marni

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    A tough girl does not always materially impact the end result, specially when properly analyzed. Nice post. Thank you for the article Jamie.

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