Outfit Of The Day For January 25, 1013: How To Put Together Unusual Colors

January 25, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Outfit Of The Day


It’s freezing outside in Chicago as it is in many other parts of the country right now. You can bundle up in basic black and grey (I admit it, I have been doing that lately) but why not layer on unusual colors? Today I looked at some of my warmest and most comfortable sweaters, which always happen to be cashmere. Then, I thought about what two colors of my sweaters would look absolutely horrible together, and I decided to go for it! Fashion designers do it all the time: they pair unexpected colors together and it becomes interesting and unique. So why not brighten up an otherwise grey day with an unusual and risky color combination? And no, don’t try to pull the colors together with an accessory, either! In fact, try to throw in another weird color.

This pistachio green technically does “go” with the maroon because it follows the basics of complementary colors on a color wheel. (If you ever went to art school, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

And I have one more creative styling tip along with a question. When is s sweater not a sweater? When it is actually a dress! The maroon sweater is actually an A-line dress. I simply wrapped and twisted it and stuck a corner of it into my front jeans pocket. Sure,  it won’t stay exactly that way all day, but that is the beauty of fashion… it’s ever changing!


Scoop Neck Sweater: Martin+Osa Green Scoop Neck Sweater, no longer available. See this St. John Collection Cashmere Sweater in Soft Jade, $695

Sweater: Maroon Karoo by Mark Eisen Sweater Dress, no longer available. See this Neiman Marcus Faux-Wrap Cashmere Dress in Mulberry, now $200 or this Neiman Marcus Cashmere Draped Cardigan in Merlot, now $125

Handbag: Cynthia Rowley forest green faux fur handbag, no longer available. See this Mad Style Faux Fur Bag in Dark Grey, $51.95


Jeans: Geography black rinsed skinny jeans, no longer available. See these Black Orchid Black Jewel Mid Rise Skinny in Hematite, $95


Boots: United Nude “Suede” Boots, no longer available. See these Boutique 9 ‘Feliece’ Boots, $259.95 or these UNITED NUDE elastic strap ankle boots, $185.25

– Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

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