New York Fashion Week Fall ’13: Costello Tagliapietra Does Subdued Aerial Somersaults

February 7, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '13

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Summary: How can you say “no” to a teddy bear alpaca coat?! Costello Tagliapietra‘s Fall 2013 RTW collection combines both the brand’s iconic draping as well as feminine silhouettes but with a hint of charm. Two-tone dresses made a huge entrance during the show, adding a bit of color to this season’s tried and true color palette. Aerial maps and topographic lines were the main components of this year’s inspiration. Designers Jeffery Costello and Robert Tagliapietra described the inspiration as “taking a closer look of how both of those concepts take on a floral-like energy in the environment. We used these images as tools to create style lines, superimposing them on the human form and then, re-creating them though drape and patterning,” said the duo on the collection. “Proportion, but in the realm of in the realm of the sensual, conformed to the body in a feminine way that speaks equally to romance and confidence, as it does shape and form.”

Bright orange lips made an impact on the subdued hues but it seems that I was unfortunately more excited about the collection when it first hit the runway. The styling and makeup seemed to really bring a modern touch to the clothing but looking at it as a stand alone and in an editorial view, I could not be more ambivalent. Though you could see the concept of sensuality, the muted colors seemed to bring down the initial “chic pop” a bit. A favorite of mine was the two-tone purple blue and violet draped dress. The figure-flattering draping, along with the deep V-neckline, added an everyday feel without skimping on the luxe. It seems that two-tone pieces were, in fact, the most note-worthy pieces of the whole collection (minus the “teddy bear” coat). A few florals did make an appearance in the show but the prints appeared more matronly than necessary. They had almost a vintage feel but one that seemed completely unintentional. Though the collection designed was conceptually good, the execution of colors brought it down a few notches. Hopefully in the spring, the designing duo can get their mojo back.

Fabrics & Textures: velveteen, knit, cableknit, knit, velvet, silk, floral

Colors: deep ocean, blue aerial, brick, brown, graybrown, clay vine, taupe, khaki, cordovan, wheat, green, forest green, purpleblue, navy, palest gray, violet, algae, pinkgreen, acid green, iceteal

Key Looks: Taupe aerial print blouse, forest green vine caplet cardigan; Purpleblue and violet draped waist dress; Pinkgreen aerial print pleat drape dress

-Taneisha Jordan

Photos: WWD

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