Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ’13: Lela Rose Spins Hay Into Gold (And Other Fairy Tales)

February 10, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '13

Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_1.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_2.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_3.jpg

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Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_7.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_8.jpg Calvin_Klein_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_9.jpg

Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_10.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_11.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_12.jpg

Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_13.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_14.jpg Lela_Rose_New_York_Fall_2013_Collection_15.jpg

Summary: No matter how old you are, once you hear something involving a fairy tale, the inner child in you gives a little squeal. Handsome princes! Fire breathing dragons! Fairy princesses! (The last one of course, being the most important). So, such was my reaction to seeing the note in the Lela Rose Fall 2013’s run of show that the collection, “centers around the book of Brother Grimm Fairy Tales with all it’s velvety beauty, dark humor and charm.” And as promised, each model emerged boasting a coif — compliments of the swashbuckling prince of all hairstyles, Ted Gibson — filled with so much personality it could have either belonged to a hero or villain.

And thus was the theme spun out before us, like so many tall tales. The looks began innocently enough, hues of ginger and persimmon conjuring the warm and friendly characters of our fondest childhood stories. Soon the looks turned outward and seemed to reflect the famous landscapes where fairy tales take place — the woods and the skies and the seas — with forest-like prints, shimmering metallic backgrounds and ornate embroidery. Jolts of raven-colored lace and feathers carved out a sensual and decidedly more sinister look, perhaps to represent all the famous villainesses that we grew up loving to hate and hating to love. And finally — finally! — the delicate confections as light as air, created from snow threaded organza, spun sugar brocade and blush ribbon silk, things that even SOUND magical, came gliding down the runway to complete the thoroughly well-rounded collection. Bonus: The shoes were all crafted by Master of the High Heels, Jean-Michel Cazabat for Lela Rose and complemented each ethereal look perfectly. Talk about a dream team!

Color Palette: Ginger dot, Persimmon, Plaid, Autumn, Golden, Mercury, Forest, Woodcut, Love Me Not, Juniper, Midnight, Black, Spun Sugar, Vivid Fuchsia, Willow, Soft White, Blush, Lace and Pearl Print, Pearl Dot, Snow

Fabrics and Textures: Wool, Knit, Crochet, Jersey, Wool, Jacquard, Silk Twill, Fil Coupe, Ribbon, Embroidered, Silk, Silk Crepe, Lace, Silk Organza

Key Looks: Ginger dot wool drop sleeve jacket, Autumn Plaid print dress, Golden Illustrated Jacquard Full Skirt Dress, Love Me Not Silk twill sheath, Midnight Silk Crepe Dress with Moonlit Embroidery, Vivid Fuchsia Folded Dress, Soft White Organza Dress with Twilight and Feather Embroidery, Lace and Pearl Print Silk Long Dress, Snow Threaded Silk Organza Halter Dress with Delicate Lace

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