Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall '13: Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan Takes Risks with Punk Rock

February 11, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '13

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Summary: Emerson, by Jackie Fraser-Swan, stays true to its unique identity of showcasing the free-spirited and eccentric woman. After a delay to wait for the designer”s children to arrive at the show, punk rock music starts to blast in The Studio. Models first make their way roulette down the runway in conservative punk rock pieces in houndstooth print with lambskin trims and faded plaid jumpers. As the music progresses into more of a craze, Emerson follows suit with yellow plaid chiffons, bright purple shearling and red metallic tinsel knits.

Though the color combination of bright yellow, purple and black appeals to the pre-teen rebellion side of us all, the execution within garments was merely experimental. A black lambskin dress revealed itself with a strip of yellow and purple plaid chiffon on one side of the skirt, which only came off as an afterthought. The more and more yellow and purple were paired together, the less I could believe in the collection”s originality. Emerson is clearly trying to step outside of the box and continue with its eccentricity, but the level of sophistication that we fans are used to seeing was missing.

Of course, there were redeeming qualities to the collection. Metallic red tinsel knits in both a sweater-skirt combo and turtleneck dress brought back a quick air of sophistication while a lambskin bomber jacket draped over a floor length metallic striped dress oozed with cool-girl status and edge that I believe Emerson was trying to achieve the entire time. In the end, something must be said about taking risks in fashion. Fashion never evolves without them.

Colors: Purple, Plum, Red, Yellow, Silver, Black

Fabrics and Textures: Lambskin, calf hair, tinsel, chiffon, lace, denim twill

Key Looks: Red/Black denim twill dress with black textured stretch top and purple shearling collar lambskin coat; Red metallic tinsel knit turtleneck dress; lambskin and calf hair bomber jacket with floor length black metallic stripe knit turtleneck dress

–Christine Hopkins

Photos: NYMag

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