Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ’13: Interview With Mathieu Mirano

February 11, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '13


Designer Mathieu Mirano talking about the collection.

Mathieu Mirano is sure to be the talk of the town after this Fashion Week appearance. Between ultra-soft beaver fur, fox fur textured with metal chain-mail and meteorite accents, you know this designer has brought something new to the table. At the ripe age of 21, this designer is one of the youngest to show at the Fashion Week tents and he gave quite the show. Second City Style got to have a quick chat with the designer before he debut his collection to the public and at the risk of sounding corny, it was out of this world.

SCS So, tell us about your Fall collection. This looks amazing.
MM: The brand is all about a tailored silhouette. A kind of second skin, mixing fabrics, inventing new fabrics, inventing new embroideries. You know, we’re dressing that brave new woman that wants to wear something that will show her body and really be sophisticated but that is sexy at the same time. So this season, we were working with a really beautiful color palette: black, nude, silver and gold. Really simple and really concise. Classic colors. Taking a classic silhouette is can be worn for anything and finding a new way to execute it. So, that’s a really good brand statement. We can take something that’s classic and iconic shapes and execute it in the different way. So, we’re taking a very classic pencil skirt that’s very 50’s Dior and embroidering meteorites on it from space. Making it really forward and cool with something that’s never been done before. In terms of inventing new fabrics, we took a fox fur and layered on top of it a piece of chain-mail. So, it makes the metal really soft but the fur really hard. So, it adds a really intense and gooey texture to it. We invented a new fabric. That’s what all this season is about.


One of Mirano’s favorite pieces!


The run of show for the Fall 2013 collection.

SCS: Did you do a lot of mixing textures, mixing fabrics for this season?
MM: For sure! So, that one particular nude coat is a felted wool coat and this one right here and this area here has the fox with the chain-mail texture. So, we’re mixing all the soft and the hard, the femininity and a bit of the androgyny, and mixing it all together to make something really strong.

SCS: Can you take me through some of your favorite pieces?   
MM: Sure, let’s go! This one’s fun… this is the meteorite skirt. We wrapped it in tulle and sewed it from the back. It’s actually iron so it’s a good weight. They’re really substantial. Then, also… I love fur. Fur is a wonderful fabric. We took this really luxurious fox fur and asymmetrical sheer panel so it has the asymmetric but also has the femininity. So, we want to take something that’s large and in charge and make it something a little softer, a little lighter. And you can even feel it. We feathered the fur and the backs of it, it’s very very light. Because a woman needs that these days.

SCS: It’s almost if you can wear it as a coat or a dress.
MM: Almost. Because of the shape, it’s very skimming. Oh! You’ll like this one [pointing to the coat at the end]. Feel this, this is beaver. Plucked beaver fur.

SCS: It’s really soft.
MM: It’s intense… very intense [by this time, Mirano was grinning from ear to ear]. I just love mixing fabrics… I love it. Well, it’s almost showtime! I hope you enjoy the show!


The frenzy before the show backstage.

– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: Second City Style

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