New York Fashion Week Fall '13: Zero + Maria Cornejo Simplifies in an Unexpected Way

February 11, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week Fall '13

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Summary: Zero Maria Cornejo delivers a stunning collection focused on winter essentials with keen attention to texture, proportion and contrast of scale. Maria Cornejo talks about the “overwhelming amount of information in the digital age,” and how we should all “slow down and capture the moment.” Though intrigued by online casino the thought of slowing down and being able to turn off my phone now and then, I initially thought the collection would be comprised of simplistic, basic staples. Instead, what came down the runway was anything but basic. Richly textured jacquard jackets, woven black enamel dresses, and shearling bombers are just to name a few pieces from the collection. Fur hats topped many models while others had silver metal headpieces resembling intertwined rings. I remember thinking to myself how the collection is by no means simplistic. So, where does Maria Cornejo”s inspiration come in?

Cornejo talks about simplifying shapes by replacing draping with clear cut lines and structured forms. That”s when it hit me, Cornejo is redefining the word “simplistic.” Voluminous coats come in shiny blood red and black fabrications and are worn over monochromatic silk dresses. At first, the looks don”t seem simplistic at all, but the clear defined structure of the garments says otherwise.

One of my favorite details within the collection was the use of a pixelated image–very Tetris like–as a print. If you think about it, Tetris is a simple game, however, the pixelated image reminds me of the overwhelmed digital age we now live in. I believe Maria Cornejo used the print to depict a rebellion against the dynamic digital world and a message to all of us to just slow down and simplify our lives.

Colors:  black, cobalt blue, grey, blood red, multi-color

Fabrics and Textures: stretch leather, brushed mohair, shearling, woven jacquard, silk charmeuse, lacquered knits

Key looks: black square dress in enamel, voluminous red jumper over a silk crepe dress, grey knit tunic with grey shearling coat and  black stretched trousers

–Christine Hopkins

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