The Face: Season 1 Episode 101: Game On!

February 13, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Television


To one girl”s giddy excitement, the first episode of The Face aired last night at 9 PM on Oxygen with good timing during New York Fashion Week. While all eyes in the fashion industry are on the runways, trends and street style, we still can”t help to want more. As expected, The Face gives us exactly what we want: super models (as coaches), famous photographers and editors, photo shoots, designer clothing and girls with real talent. When we first heard about The Face, we were skeptical. Another reality competition show? Another fashion show to join the ranks of The Fashion Star/Show/Something like that? Seriously, we stopped watching ANTM around the time Tyra Banks got her own talk show. But, there”s something about the super model coaches competing against each other that brings in the same mojo from The Voice. And if Nigel Barker is in it, then we are in too!


The first episode showed us the layout for the rest of the show–the Naomi Campbell Show. Just kidding…a little. Each episode will be comprised of two challenges. The first challenge is a “test shoot” where 12 contestants are judged individually and compete against each other for prizes. One super model coach will be the judge of the shoot. The first week”s challenge was Who Wore it Better with Naomi Campbell as a judge. The girls go against each other in rounds to style the same outfit with different accessories, and whoever wins, gets a $5,000 shopping spree to Topshop! The end comes down to an edgy brunette on Team Coco, Margaux, who pulls off a menswear look with edge and class against Chinese beauty queen ZiLin. ZiLin, on Team Naomi, turns menswear into a sexier look and wins, even though the challenge was to dress “masculine.” This definitely won”t be the only time we see Miss Naomi showing favoritism.

The second challenge is a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. Each week, a magazine will give the girls a story plot to portray in the shoot featuring a designer”s clothing. This week, W Magazine gave the plot of Uptown Versus Downtown girls featuring 3.1 Phillip Lim and photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. The teams need to style themselves and act out the plot on set with help from their coach. This is where we see the coach”s personalities truly come out to play. Naomi means business on set and is blunt and harsh with her girls through out the online casinos whole challenge. Karolina walks on as a nurturing mother hen, and Coco shows her daring side by teaching her girls how to incorporate dance into their shot. Each team goes through its own struggles through the photo shoot while the weakest links stand out like a sore thumb. At the end of the challenge, EIC of W Magazine, Stefano Tonchi comes to set and chooses the best photo, which will be a featured ad campaign in his magazine. Karolina”s team won the challenge  and showed playing it safe works.

As one last twist in the show, the coaches of the losing teams need to nominate one girl from their team for elimination, then the winning team”s coach chooses which girl goes home. (We foresee a lot of strategy and backstabbing with this twist!) Ultimately, Karolina eliminates Aleksandra from Team Naomi for apparently not wanting to work as hard as modeling newbie Stephanie from Team Coco. As a result, Naomi is overcome with anger and ends the show with these lines to Karolina: “From now on, it”s game on.”

After one episode, we are sold on The Face. With more scenes on the superstar model coaches and challenges, this reality competition show is not the typical run-of-the-mill. The girls come in already possessing talent and modeling skills as opposed to ANTM where the girls come in virtually inexperienced. And we are loving the drama that Naomi brings to the screen. Something tells us, the real competition that will capture our attention will be between the super models themselves. Who doesn”t want to watch the gorgeous industry favorites duke it out? Think Hunger Games meets The Voice!

–Christine Hopkins

Photos: Oxygen

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