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March 8, 2013 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog


In this week’s edition of Net-A-Porter’s online magazine, the chic downtown girl-next-door everybody loves, Sarah Jessica Parker is featured in a six-page spread. Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans interviews Parker on her life behind the camera. There is more to the iconic “Carrie Bradshaw” than her signature chic style.

Between Parker’s film projects, managing her production company “Pretty Matches,” maintaining her position as a UNICEF Ambassador and board member of The New York City Ballet, and parenting three children, she is quite busy. “I think I wear seven percent of what’s in my closet. I have more pants, more jeans, more corduroys than I ever imagined I’d own in my life,” Bradshaw says.

Apart from commenting on her “echo chamber” of a closet, Parker shares her opinion on having to pass the torch, or… Manolo Blahnik, to 19-year-old actress, AnnaSophia Robb. Robb stars as teenage Carrie in, “The Carrie Dairies” — a prequel to HBO’s “Sex & The City”. Yet just how does this adjustment as taking a backseat from the Bradshaw role effect Parker? “She [Anna­Sophia Robb] is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it,” Parker says and continues, “but it’s… odd.”

Thankfully no one can expect Parker to get catty on the subject considering the necessary “behavior standards” her mother installed in her and her seven other siblings growing up. Parker even mentions her daughters fighting over clothing to the point of setting up a “fashion system”, which she uses to avoid the “chaos” that would surely ensue otherwise.


Although parenting her children may be a chaotic from time-to-time, Parker sets the standard on keeping a serene marriage of 15 years with husband, Matthew Broderick. Self described as “not social” Parker and husband keep close company of those who are “cultured, very curious.”

“I’m a huge fan of Hillary Clinton,” Parker says and continues, [Hillary Clinton’s] curiosity is so compelling to me, her desire to listen learn and travel.” Parker herself is no stranger to the role of leadership as producer on SATC, explaining how being responsible for other’s needs gives her “an enormous amount of pride.”


The love for Parker’s duties as a producer has surely helped to pave the way for fellow triple-threat Lena Dunham, writer, producer, and star of HBO’s, “Girls”. “HBO was very encouraging of the beyond-camera role I played, and I feel that had we not done it, I don’t know that would have existed for Girls. It’s a such a different way of thinking and it’s not conventional,” says Parker.

For more juicy details on the life and times of miss S.J.P. herself and extra photo’s from her shoot, you can check the full interview here at

-Aurora D. Fowlkes

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