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March 18, 2013 • Magazine, Male Box


When I first started writing for Second City Style, I had some rather high minded ideas about serving as some sort of modern day Prometheus carrying the light of New York fashion to our Chicago readers. My recent stay in Chicago has truly opened my eyes to the current state of fashion – and style – in the area. I’m delighted to say, after a relaxed afternoon stroll through downtown Chicago post snowstorm , that the women of the Second City are truly stylish and indeed some intrepid souls tread lightly on the very cusp of fashion! Recently, I have been despairing of the madding crowds of hideous coats and ugly boots stomping around New York like a massive herd of water buffalo. I’ll give female New Yorkers the benefit of the doubt by assuming that their outfits under their appalling outerwear are more stylish, but the chic women of Chicago could teach ours a thing or two about being both dry and warm – and still staying stylish!

With the vernal equinox upon us, it’s time to start thinking about putting your furs into cold storage and converting your winter closets over to spring. Before you start whining about needing your winter coat for a few more weeks, let me tell you that designers have allowed for global warming in recent years and the spring 2013 collections almost all include transitional pieces to ease the pain. While I will allow that hot pants may be a little premature, Louis Vuitton’s Damier-inspired coat hits three trends in one: black-and-white, graphic print, and swing coat. Check, check and check!

We all know that floral for spring is so “original.”  Leave the colorful graphic prints for Easter brunch or later in the season. This season, tonal floral embroidery is the way to herald spring like the first snowdrops breaking through the icy snow. Jill Stuart offers some of the best examples of white-on-white this season. Her ruffled and flounced day dress is the perfect way to welcome spring.

In chic shopping districts everywhere, the new spring shoes are popping up in store windows like the bright hyacinths and daffodils that signal the start of spring, bringing smiles to passersby. I’m not so mean spirited as to suggest strappy sandals in March. Remember what I said about transitional pieces? The very best of the season will keep your perfectly pedicured toes toasty through the early bit of the season.  Balenciaga brings new meaning to the phrase “chunky heel” with their two-tone lace up oxford balanced on a solid block of wood. Fendi brings a new interpretation of the “armadillo” made famous by the late Alexander McQueen and the much photographed Lady Gaga. Those of you living in warmer climes may opt for the peep toe version of the studded heel ankle strap. Be quick about it though as these shoes are fast becoming harder to catch than a real armadillo!

I know that I just said that it’s time to put your furs into storage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have new ones for spring. You may already have lighter weight fur coats and jackets for spring, but do you have Celine’s mink pumps?  I’m not one for fuzzy slippers – even in the comfort of my own home – but even I can’t deny the appeal of these.

Last week we “sprang forward” and the official start of spring is upon us. It’s time to do a little spring cleaning in your closets and make room for yet another fantastic season of fashion!

1. Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 RTW

2. Jill Stuart Spring 2013 RTW

3. Balenciaga Spring 2013 RTW Shoes

4. Fendi Spring 2013 RTW Shoes

5. Celine Spring 2013 RTW Shoes

– Joseph Uncogo


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